Emotional day... well more so than adverage...

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so as u probably guessed from thet title... i had an interesting day. i was walking arround with my gf, kim, (i call her kitten) and we were gettin kinda bored. we were gona go to the park so we decided to walk along the train tracks as a short cut. we finally got to the road and i realized... where we came out on the tracks is about the half way point between my duche bag father's house and the park. idk why i made the decision or what power came over me.. but we went up to my fathers house.

his gf (also named kim.. ironic ik) showed up b4 him for lunch so she started crying when she saw me cuz its been months (8 to be exact) since she last saw me. anyway she welcomed us in, made some iced tea poured us all a glass and we just sat and talked and cried a little till my dad came home for lunch.

when he came home i was showing my kim arround the house, telling her how i used to remember it and what not and i guess my fathers gf told him i was there cuz i heard him say "where is he, i missed him." to be completely honest i didnt see that coming... i almost cried.

i came down stairs from my old room, my gf following, gave him a hug n all that shit and we just sat down and had lunch and talked for a good 30 mins. im concidering movin back in with him when school starts again. i would now.. i guess, but what with work and not having a ride there i dont think it would be convenient.

i just want things to get better between him n i. after today. i realized.. he realy does love me. but he still has to earn my trust.... i cant forgive him.

we made plans to have dinner sunday, i suppose that will be my next post.

untill then: Epic 3 out...