Failed. Puppy.Girlfriend

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so as you all know if you read my last blog, that i was on a smoking/drinking bindge and i didnt know where my girlfriend was. well.... she finally called and well... bambi picked up, lololol.
bambi gave crystal a piece of her mind, crystal was not very happy when she got to talk to me. i also just got off the phone with her, im really happy :)
but about my goal to not smoke or drink well, i failed.
i smoked out of my friend tims bong with bambi's sister, tim and zach. i dont like smokeing out of bongs much :||||
bambi's sister had to go home the morning of the night that i stayed, so after i crashed i was woken up a few hours later and was still flyin, but we took bambi's sister to the airport and bambi cried a little.
after we went back to her house, got ready and walked to the skate park, my mom picked me up from there and took me home at around.... almost noon.
i slept for a couple hours when i got home and then my mom said it was eight and that we were going to pick up the puppy :]]]]]
its a shar pei and its adorable, i'll post a picture asap,

but thats about it for me.

love you all,