Girlfriend. Green. Gone.

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Crystal Marie Schroeder.
i love you,
why does it seem like right now you dont love me?
i know you do but its hard when you havent contacted me.
no calls,
no texts,
no IMs,
no messages,
for TWO days?
i hate it,
"you dont know how much you need something until its gone"
baby i need you,
come home, please?
you mother doesnt know where you are,
i dont,
barry doesnt,
please please please....
just call.

lemmie recap on the past couple of days,
in two words?
substance abuse.
i guess thats what you could say,
last thursday,
me and tymberli drove with her step mom all over spokane,
looking for pot.
we finally got some,
and i got so stoned i couldnt move.
i got picked up by my mom,
who didnt care to notice that i was ripped out of my mind,
and then got my McDonalds and dropped me off in medical lake at bambi's,
shelby, shibby,bambi and bambi's sister were there,
i left that night back to my place.
on friday i came back into medical lake
((btw i live in between spokane and medical lake))
Zach had a dub.
Kayla had a dub.
well.... in the past i have never been greedy with my weed so it finally came back for a happy ending :)
i smoked zach's weed at the dug outs in a near by baseball field.
it was me, bambi's sister, zach, kayla and marissa,
marissa didnt smoke that time but i'll explain that later,
so we all smoked, and then zach pulled a suprise out of his bag for me,
a HUGE bottle of alcohol,
it tasted kind of like baileys creamer but it was something else,
it was sooooooooooo good.
i chugged abit of it,
and i was pretty tipsy afterwards,
so then we started walking back to bambi's house cuz i had to take her sister home, and went an hung with bambi for a little bit, then i walked up to wilcox park to meet back up with kayla and marissa, we smoked another bowl and i got ripped again since my last one had started to wear off, yet marissa was still not high. kayla was high though lol.
then we walked back to kayla's since me and marissa were supposed to be staying there and i ate a bowl of icecream and three corndogs cuz i had the munchies lol, then when things died down abit we went outside and smoked another bowl and marissa got hella ripped, lololol.
we went upstaires and i made the best sandwich ever and then we played video games for a little while and then went back downstaires,
eventually we crashed watching this scarey ass movie. :D
okay so, saturday, me and kayla got up and went over to meet up with erin and told marissa that we would be back, well erin had a piece and we still had half a dub left so we went to smoke, this girl named sommer that looks kinda like my girlfriend was there and i wanted to impress her so i smoked her a bowl, in the place in back of erin's house. so me, erin, kayla and sommer got blazed, and then sommer had to go home and me, erin and kayla headed back to erin's house after walking sommer home and i had the longest conversation with erin's mom. our conversation eventually got onto the topic of alcohol, specifically beer, and erins mom taught me how to take a corona chill or something and put sea salt and lime into it to make it taste better, it was yummy :) so after we left there and got picked up to go to a concert which we only stayed at for a few minutes before we walked from there to down town and ran into older raven,
the reason i say older raven is because kayla has dated to and the older one is my friend and the newer one knows that i'd like to beat her to a bloody pulp :)
anyways, we met up with her and asked her if she had a pipe, she said yes but no weed and since last time i saw her she smoked me out, i decided to return the favor, so we all went to river front park and smoked a bowl that had some crushed hydros over the top, a guy walked up and said that he would give us his pack of cigs if we smoked him a bowl, i said go ahead, sit down lol.
after i got ripped, AGAIN, i realized that we had cigs from that guy, which left us with $5.75 in my pocket, someone was making a beer run so i had them pick me up three tilts, he went to get tilts and i called my cousin to meet up with me downtown, i got him blazed, picked up my drinks and got a ride back to my cousins, i crashed there and the next morning bambi picked me up and brought me to her house back in medical lake again,
so now on sunday im chillin at bambi's with three tilts in my bag, her mom leaves for the godsmack concert which leaves us with an empty house,
you see, normally bambi would be in on all this fun but, she's on probation for reasons i will explain later and she already went back to juvi for probation violation once and now gets drug-tested once a week, so no weed or alcohol for bambi.
anyways, so me and bambi's sister both start downin tilts, we both get pretty tipsy, and then bambi's sister gets a hook up with some pot, we get picked up and go smoke a joint in the back of his car, he said it was called "pink panther" and it was BOMB! i was so ripped i could complete a sentance,
*note*while i was at my aunts house my grandma gave me $20 as a birthday gift*

i got back an asked bambi to find someone to get me a ten sack, so she did and me and bambi's sister and bambi went back to bambi's house to get food and me and crystal smoked another bowl. then my friend raven, the same raven from the previous paragraphs calls me and asks if i know where she can get a dub in spokane and i said i didnt know anyone there that she would have to come here,
well, the dub was for her dad and i told her if she came to medical lake that i would smoke her out cuz i had a ten sack, well she pretty much told her dad to fuck off and came to see me, we all got blazed as hell and i got picked up and taken home, again my mom didnt even notice i was high,
anyways, now its monday and im getting ready to go stay the night with bambi, my goal is to not smoke pot and to not drink.

i feel so horrible now that i've come down off of everything that i dont wanna get high again just because the come down is so bad.

so..... yea.