Girls! your first crush as far back as you can remember!

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so who was your first crush? someone in school? celeberity? doesn't have absolutely specific if you don't want it to be...guy or girls doesn't far back as you can remember! hell add some of the other crushes! i'm putting all on! don't have much anyways...

mine: i think it was...preschool...i absolutely adored one of my friends...when we played house i was always the baby and she was always the mommy...the one girl in our "group" we tortured constantly...we were so cruel to her...i remember several times when we made her cry...i feel terrible thinking about it now...god...when we were kids we were evil little suckers weren't we?

another one kindergaten first best friend and the new girl....>.> when the new girl came i became jealous because some of the other girls in my class "took her away" from what a silly little girl i was...little did i know...we'd still be friends up to now! XD lol

i'm practically telling my life story here!

fourth grade: i supposedly fell madly in love with the new guy...hung out with his group of friends constantly...i got accepted as part...still had the crush up to sixth grade...then after he moved away i fell "madly in love" with this other guy for all three years of middle school...which was hell...
summer going into high school i met someone online...i know i know...stupid...whatever...we kindled...she sparked my realization that i was more into girls than i was in guys...fell in love with her...was totally convinced she loved me back and she talked about coming to visit me and shit (she was in england) and then she disappeared...just stopped talking to me...i knew she was on an stuff like that...she just ignored my messages and stuff....then i became infatuated with a girl two years my senior...i knew she was as straight as any...that was just purely fantasy right there....while i was still crushing on her i started crushing on my friend's friend's friend...then we became friends...everythings all fine and dandy...BUT!

now i'm crushing hard for this girl in my psych class...she might feel the same way but who knows...we'll see! :)
your turn to tell your life of crushes!
btw, i just lost the game! *laughs evily*

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Way too much info.. but enjoy!

My very first crush was probably on my neighbor when I was six or seven. Which is kind of gross considering she was married and had twins my age...
And I didn't really have a lot of crushes in elementary school (well not that I can remember).
In sixth grade I had a crush on my best friend (still best friends!) and she came out to me as bisexual. And she actually asked me out after I told her I liked her (even though she liked one of our other friends) anyway, it didn't work out and she isn't bisexual. She was just questioning and decided that she loves gays, but she isn't one.
Eighth grade I had a crush on a guy..still friends. Maybe I'm a little forward..
Ninth grade started my crush and awkward relationship with my "ex" it's just easier to call her that. And that lasted a while even though I dated two guys, and another girl. I also dated one of her friends (bad idea never do that kiddies) and she and I are still friends.
Wow, I think I've actually been involved with most anyone I've had a crush on. Weird. Oh! CURRENTLY: I'm alone and no one wants to be with me! Yay! 'mkay, hope you enjoyed my life story.

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"I'm alone and no one wants to be with me!"
i always feel like that....>.>

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Yay! I'm not alone. Though I

Yay! I'm not alone. Though I don't really think I can snuggle up with that thought at night.. but it is a very comforting thought. xD
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true be that!

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my very first crush was a

my very first crush was a guy named christopher soohoo in like 2nd or 3rd grade. on reflection, he looked very much like harry potter--dark untidy hair, skinny, bright eyes, etc.

my first girl crush started a bit over a year ago now, although i kinda ignored it at first. i'm still crushing on her...
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First guy crush- I dunno. I

First guy crush- I dunno. I guess I never really had a crush on guys. I mean they seemed like it but looking back... They never felt like crushes on girls do.
First Girl crush- Hannah was the first serious one. I didn't have girl crushes as a little kid. I just didn't like guys and I never really noticed girls. Sorta kinda I didn't think of anyone romantically cause I didn't really know much about it.
<3 FLAME ON! <3

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completely non-sexual

Minh from Barney. I was like...four.

so for those of you falling in love
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throw yourself in the midst of danger
and keep one eye open at night.
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Well, since I spent my

Well, since I spent my formative adolescent years in a tiny town in rural Georgia, I barely knew what a lesbian was, and since I had had crushes on guys, I knew I wasn't one. :PPP And first crush was on a boy named Kevin in 2nd grade. He was kinda cute then, I guess, and he was smart, unlike most of the other idiot boys I knew. Another reason I never had a crush on a girl there: none of them were attractive and nice and intelligent enough after puberty.

And then, I got a crush on M, my first time liking a girl. That was when I joined Oasis, so you know about that. :) And after various boy-crushes throughout the years, I figured out what it meant to fall in love, and I realized that M and all the boys I'd ever liked were in one category, and E was in another.


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awh reading about everyone's

awh reading about everyone's crushes is so interesting. awesome forum topic :D
alright..looking back I'd have to say my first "crush" was on the assistant teacher in my kindergarten class. I STILL remember what she looks like. she was in college or just out..can't remember. but she was about 20 something. she was very tall. and skinny. she was engaged. she had short hair and it was dirty blonde. her eyes were green. lol she always brought us swedish fish when we did something excellent. she was amazing :D it was nonsexual. but I still remember her and I know it was a crush.
my second crush was on a friend in 1st/2nd grade. we walked around the track all the time.. idr her name. she was skinny. cheerleader. cute. lol she called me fat (I hadn't lost my baby fat yet) and we stopped being friends after 2nd grade when I moved. but she'd come over all the time and we'd play house..but we were husband and wife..annnd we pretended to do what mommies and daddies we got in bed all the time with just are underwear on. I didn't understand anything at all at the time of course. it was weiiiirrrdd xD cuz I was too young. lol
then I didn't have a crush on anyone til freshman year. M. dun dun dunnn. then T a year R. the end. :) first two crushes I didn't realize were crushes until about 8th grade because I had no clue about anything. I mean I knew I was different but couldn't label it. now I kind of can.

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Now that I think about it,

Now that I think about it, reading everybody's firsts, I think I've come to the conclusion you can have more than one first crush.

My first first was probably this supply teacher when I was four or so. I was a total cling-on, and when she said she was leaving I burst out instantly into tears. Adorable, huh? I don't remember her name, but I have a nagging suspicion it started with M. Or that might've been my gym teacher in grade 3 who looked a lot like her. Hell, now I have no chance to remember, every single teacher who I've ever run across is leaping back into my head.

In grade two, there was this girl I'd tease a lot, along with the boys, because obviously, girls were icky back then. Her, maybe?

Grade 4...the weird feelings started kicking in. This was probably my first "real" crush, but I wasn't aware of it until like, three years later. A girl who smelled nice and had candy all the time. Starburst. She kicked me first and so far only time that I've ever been kicked so damn painfully between the legs.

In grade 7, I fell head over heels for a teacher at my school. I was obsessed about her all the way until I went off to high school, and I'd entertain these locker-room fantasies with her all the time. I never told her how I felt, though apparently she figured it out, I heard. Well, the principal and the vice-principal both knew, despite me not telling anybody except that bitch social worker who swore she wouldn't tell. And I think she didn't, but...I guess she knew. And I haven't seen her in a year, and probably won't, ever? I want closure, to talk to her once more, and straighten (sorry) everything out.

wow, that was like my life story in crushes. I feel old. Ish.

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okayyy soo my first crush ever was when i was about 4 years old. o was obsessed with the spice girls.. xDD and i had every sporty spice thing made. i loved her xDDD as a kid would.

then there was my bestfriend and nextdoor neighbor i was 5 and she was 8. we did everything together i didnt really understand then but looking back on it i liked her more that anything in the world then. we were best friends for about 3 years before she moved to korea. i think she liked me too before she left. she kissed my cheek once at a sleep over =] we never talked about it though
she wrote me letters for years.
she moved back here a few years ago
she goes to my highschool now.. well she did but she graduated.
she never talked to me though.

hmm after thought there was a girl in my 5th grade class. i was a major dork then and had no friends and she was the coolest girl ever. but she was really nice to me all the time =] we would pass notes and talk on the phone sometimes. xDD i still have some of the notes we passed.

blahh and here is my first real crush that turned into anything. i met her in 6th grade she was my best friend and she lived next door. she spent the night at my house every weekend (her home life was shit) and thats when i realized that i was gay and understude my feelings soo after about a year i told her i liked girls. she said well have you ever kissed a girl. i blushed and said no... then she just kissed me and told me she liked me. =]]]
but yeaa that ended quickly.

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This is, like everything Super Duck writes, exteremely long.

Umm, let's see, my VERY first crush? I think fourth grade. One of my teachers. XD It lasted... about a week. Poor little ten-year-old Super Duck felt horrible about it the whole week. ;__;

I don't feel like writing the rest of my timeline, though, because then I'd have to think about this girl I had this majorly creepy obsession with when I was 12 - 13 and how she became kind of a hoebag and a total bitch and contributed massively to my social anxiety and how she made me depressed all the time because I was so shy that all I could do was look at her most of the time and how I'm so glad to be over her and how she is now somehow really good friends with one of my best friends.

Oops, I just typed about her anyway, didn't I? Shit... Bad Super Duck. D: Well, I guess I can type my timeline, then. Haha. If you count the teacher, she was #3.

Anyway, my first "real" crush with all the hormones n' shit was sixth grade. There was this girl in seventh who was a cheerleader, and I thought she was super hot, and now that I think about it she looks kinda similar to my cousin's friend except cheerleader girl is more tan. Anyway, I felt soooo badass because I asked her for directions at the school fair. XDDD (I was eleven, ok?) Then, after I had been over her for quite a while, I had to talk to her because we were both filing papers in study hall, and she was so weird and got mad at me for no reason. ;__;

I already went out of order, so I guess now I get to describe my friend, but I think my very first post here had a huge description of her, so all I'm gonna say is that last year, I met this girl, and we became friends really quickly, and I ended up liking her, and now she has to leave. D: I don't think I'll be able to function at school without her.

I'm not counting my cousin's friend. XD I barely know her...

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Hmm... my first guy crush

Hmm... my first guy crush was probably Tyler or Jordan in 2nd grade.. then various ones until I had a major crush on Caleb... I was a bit obsessed with him, I'll admit it.
My first girl crush was probably Abby or T, who was one of my best friends, but I didn't realize it at the time. I always thought they were both so pretty.. But when I first realized that I like girls, I guess it would be my best friend at the time, but I was confused about that. when I came out, I really really liked S. =] But now I'm getting over her...

[[Love means you can never be apart... <3]]

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Haha I love reading everyone's. Little kid crushes are so cute :)

Okay ... hmm.... I can't really remember a first crush. Maybe this guy in my Kindergarten class Brian. He asked me to be his partner for a dance we did for our parents, but I have absolutely no attraction to guys now soo who knows. First girl crush, I know this sounds SUPER strange, but maybe the gypsy in hunch back of notredam (not sure on spelling). First non animated girl crush was my best friend E. . I told her and she was fine with it, we are still besties. Then E. in math class, I. whose kind of a jerk but she's gorgeous, S. nicest person, and L. who I am still unabashedly in love with to the point of craziness. She just graduated high school and is going to San Francisco state, while I'm just a junior :( + she is beautiful and an amazing singer and musician like professional. ahh help me! I'm in love!

Anyways sooo many crushes! Adios

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Seems like a lot of forums are encouraging guys or girls to post in certain topics. Better to keep everything blended, I think...

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there is the forum that's for guys only...i felt like maybe us girls should be able to do this too! no one had posted one so...there!

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The Little Mermaid :D

After that probably Britney Spears. Then a girl named Ashley in my kindergarten class. I started having crushes really early lol ;D

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Let's see.... in first grade

Let's see.... in first grade I was infatuated by this older girl who was in 6th grade. I can't remember her name though, she was really cute though. I remember telling my brother about her and how I wanted to ask her out lol. Then I had a crush on my best friends cousin, she is still hot yo. After that it chilled for awhile and I just cruised doing my own thing, then I got into a relationship in middle school with my good friend Brandon, and then Eric afterward. I then realized that my childhood crushes made me feel better and normal, more than dating a guy. Throughout 8th grade I was insanely into my best friend, she was actually the first person I had came-out too. It sucked because she had a new boyfriend like every month and she always had me hangout with her and her boy, I ended up really jealous half the time. After her though, I ended up falling in love (I think) with my other best friend all during freshman year leading into sophmore year. She knew I liked her a lot and she just kept leading me on then pulling back and claiming to be "straight" it was ridic so I blew up on her and we just stopped talking. We talk on occasions now. My latest crush would be Mallory. One of the most confusing "relationships" I have been in. Now, I'm just chilling again waiting to meet new people =]

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My first 'girlfriend' was in the first grade.

We would hold hands a lot and kiss when no one was looking.

It's funny, because I was living in Lockhart when I was in the first grade, so last summer when we moved BACK to Lockhart I was sorta hoping she would still be living there. She wasn't, but oh well.