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So, I've been gone for a few days. I'm miserable. My mom came home from her Las Vegas trip. She and my dad are already arguing like three year olds. My sister is blasting Hannah Montana and Jonas Brothers, so I want to shoot myself in the ear. .__. My mom seems to have a stick up her ass because my dad took me to the doctor.

I was really sick yesterday. I feel a lot better today, but I still went. I don't see why it matters who takes me to the doctor's; the results are still gonna be the same. But apparently it's serious fucking business. Ughhh. I'd rather just go by myself. My parents don't really serve any purpose there. All my dad did was sleep.

Anyway, my doctor failed to find anything wrong with me but thinks I have a kidney stone. I had one of those in seventh grade and I won't be forgetting how THAT felt. This isn't anything at all like that was. I also don't see how x-rays from two years ago are going to show if anything's wrong with me RIGHT NOW. I don't really like going to him...

I'm excited, though, 'cause I'm going to my cousin's house tomorrow. I like going to his house; my aunt and uncle actually act their age. They live in an actual city, too, and he has his driver's license this year. :D But I only get to stay for a few days. :( I've got to get home because one of my friends is getting married. She only just turned eighteen a couple days ago. D: It's her life, but I'm not sure if getting married right before you start college is a good idea. Oh, well, what do I know?


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*Hugs* My parents are

*Hugs* My parents are bickerers, too. You'll only have to live with them for so long before you move out for college/work/whatever you want to do with your life, so try to stay patient! Things also get better when you get a car/your friends get cars and you can get out of the house more.

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