I hate people who reveal spoilers without warning me first

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Dammit....I REALLY dislike the people on Facebook right now. I was on the Facebook page for Big Brother and someone made a comment on one of the discussion boards about something totally unrelated and something that hasn't even been shown on TV yet! Arg....come on! See, some people have the live internet feeds so they can watch everything that's happening in the house and now they are revealing these things on the boards and it's totally ruining it for me because I love watching Big Brother on TV...I actually look forward to it. It's almost the only thing I really watch on TV that isn't a repeat. And I don't have the money nor the computer to really watch the live feeds on the interweb. What's more is that what the person said happens is something that I totally don't want to happen...so arg again!

I won't reveal what the person said happens cause I know there's at least one Big Brother fan on here besides me and I don't want to ruin it for you! :)

I'm really miffed though, you know? It's like now I know two things, kinda big things at that. So it's going to totally ruin tomorrow's episode for me. Eh....I need someone or something to keep me away from the discussion boards from now on. lol.