I haven't tried it but I've decided I won't wake you when your dead.

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Oh man oh man. Yesterday was crazyy, like honestly, crazy. I hungout with Taylor. He likes me sooooo much but I really don't feel the same. I feel kind of bad too because I'm a huge flirt and I led him on.... and I like kissing people so that didn't help at all. Oh yeah so now my hand is swollen like a bitch. I guess my body doesn't like mosquito bites. Now I'm on a shitload of Benedryl and steroids. Awesommeeeee! I'm quite out of it at the moment.

Yeah, so last night... I got completely shitfaced after about an hour at this party and I ended up making out with Taylor outside on the trampoline, hence all the mosquito bites. Then I had more and more shots and ended up puking outside. I met this really cool girl though who held my hair and rubbed my back as I puked, her name is Susie. I called her Annie the whole night though, I even put her in my phone as Annie. We had an amazing drunk talk about drugs and shrooms. She told me not to take any of the hardcore ones like LCD, PCP, Heroin, Coke, you know the BAD ones. She said if I want a pschodelic drug take shrooms. So I think I got her number and said, "I'll get some and I'll call you and we'll do them together!". Ahh, I feel horrible about leading Taylor on though. He texted me later that night and said, "You are seriously the coolest fucking girl I have met in a long time. I so dig you :)" I replied, "text me in the morning when I'm sober." Hahahaha man oh man. Now I have hickeys near my boobs and I kind of don't remember it. Oh he made me realize I so dig chicks not dicks. That's the best part. I don't know how to tell him all of this though... bummer!

Ahh I realized how much I despise my job. I don't hate things, ever, but I can honestly say I hate my job.