I need my Xbox Live!

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Has anyone tried these reward sites like Rewards1 and PrizeRebel? Do they really work? Where you do offers(like surveys and stuff) and they give you points that you can use to buy video games and what I want desperately Xbox LIVE subscriptions. I'm curious if anyone has really ever had any luck with them.

This is what happens when you're broke and don't have anyway of making any money, you have to find alternate ways of getting your Xbox online. Oh, well...

Oh, and on top of that my computer came back from the dead so of course something else had to break to take it's place so my earphones died. This is my life, lol.


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Sorry For being a Spoiler...

I am not familiar with these specific offers. However, the chances of your being a winner is extremely low and will have little relationship to the quality of your entry.

These programs exist primarily to make you aware of a given brand... but most important is that they will have mined your name and e-mail address. Names, addresses, and brand recognition is what it's all about!

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sounds fishy to me.

At best, they'll probably sell your email address. It seems like your info is the only thing that could be in it for them.

I don't know these sites, but it's illogical for them to give you something for (next to) nothing.

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