I never knew that you could trust strangers more than your own family

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Okay, so, last month I was really frustrated with my dad for spending what little money we had on a bottle of booze. If you remember I was so frustrated that I wrote an insanely long journal about it to vent. See here : http://oasisjournals.com/2009/06/parents-that-take-your-money. I was also so frustrated that I actually let my older sister know what was going on. Which I never let any of my siblings or family really know what's really happening cause you know it's like gossip. I tell her, she tells my other sister and eventually it'll come back to haunt me. So, what happened? It DID come back. Like a FREAKING boomerang!

My mom tells me today, while we're out walking our dogs, "C (oldest sister) said that you told M (other sister) that you were mad at dad about money. She said you said something on Facebook" Agggggg..... then she says "Don't tell them anything about what's going on. I once told M, when she was still living at home with us, that I was mad at dad about money and then she went and told him I was mad. It stirred up stuff even though he already knew I was mad". Oh my god, somebody kill me now! I just denied it and said I didn't know where she would've gotten that from. If one of them ever brings it up in front of my mom I'll just go "ahhh....now I remember" I'm an excellent liar. Trust me ;)

Now I don't know what to do. I feel stressed about it because I'm afraid one of them is going to end up saying something to my dad about it and oh God I don't want that to happen. Especially since things are going really quite good right now. And my dad's been better with the money and I've been coping better with the situation we're in. Everything's really good right now and you know something is bound to fuck it all up. You know? So, what should I do? Do I say something to my sisters? Tell them to not say anything? Personally I'm really tempted to change my status on Facebook to : "I really wish that people could just keep what I tell them in secret...I don't know, a secret" or something like that just so they might take the hint but I don't know. It might fuck things up even more. I'm guessing at this point anything I do or don't do is gonna fuck it all up.