I wanna go where you go.

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AMAZING. That's the only word that I can think of that describes last night. I went on my bowling date/hangout with M, then we hit up the local beach. We didn't stay long at the beach though because random people started showing up and we thought cops did as well. Good thing neither of us had any "applesauce".

We left because she was afraid of getting stabbed/punched/hurt/ ruining her teeth because of a drug dealer. Lol all night she would refuse to say that I was reliable or trustworthy, she admitted it later that night though. My brother's boyfriend was in the car with us on the way home from the beach and he said the best thing ever, "M, you wanna stay the night?" And she did.

We arrived home around 2ish then stayed in my room talking until like four. Once it reached four I decided to make a move. We had just renamed my teddy bear in which my first love (I think) gave me. I told her the story behind it and why I wanted to rename it; it's name is now Oxford Coma. I love it. So we were both holding on to him and then our hands kind of met at one point and we both started playing with eachothers hands. So we sat there for a good thirty minutes just talking and holding hands, it was funny because we were talking about if I was easy to read or not, I've heard both ways. She said I was kind of mysterious and very vague, but she could sometimes read me. I then asked her if she's usually the one to make the first move? She looked at me and was like, "you are so easy to read right now." Then she climbed ontop of me and started kissing me. It was awesomeee. I love the way her hands felt on my back and my head. She has thee nicest hands ever, I swear. It was good until I started laughing.... yeah I guess I end up laughing half way during makeout sessions. She asked me why I was laughing and I told her it was just because I was utterly surprised that I even had a chance with her, she gave me this look and said," Oh your a sweet talker." She actually told me that at one point she had a thing for me, I KNEW IT! I knew that at one point she was totally into me but then I got all nervous around her and killed it.

She had always told me about how she never sleeps but last night she SLEPT. She feel asleep in my arms and I was afraid to move because I didn't want to wake her. Too bad we went to sleep at 5:50 and I had to get up at 6:30 am for work. Lamee. My manager told me to fix the donuts and to cover up my hickey next time.....good, good times!