I want you to want me.

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Ah the carnival is in town for the week. It's pretty damn cool considering the new location, our very own, Kent Island High School parking lot. I'm amazed it actually fits to be honest.

Today at work my boss was stressed out and started saying how maybe the job wasn't for me. I was freaking out, like honestly if you can't hold a job at Dunkin' Donuts I'm pretty sure your a failure at life. I didn't even screw up bad or anything.

Once I got home though everything was nice. I took a three hour nap, in my shoes, I swear I'm skilled. Then I started drawing. I bought two new sharpies today after work. Buying them made my day, I love new colors! After that my friend Amber called me and said to meet her half way to the high school and we'll go to the carnival. So I meet her and we went. I WON A COCONUT CAKE YO! Then Nate won two stuffed animals and I also won two posters. Once we we're done at the carnival we walked to Nate's house then went to Mickey D's. After we ate I felt super nauseous so they attempted to teach me how to force myself to throw up. I can never be bulimic, my body just refuses to do it.... unless I'm running.

After attempting and failing at being bulimic we headed back to Nates. I started to finish my drawing while Nate put music on my iPod and Amber played video games. Then we spent a good twenty minutes recording videos and taking pictures. Their really good pictures too! Oh, the fab four are going to have a photo shoot for the NOH8 campaign against Prop. 8. I'm pretty excited!

I need to finish my drawing so Nate can see it tomorrow, so I'll write laterr. Ciao! =]