i wish dreams really did come true...

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I had a dream last night that was something I've been wishing and wishing to happen. Firstly, (in the dream) one of my friends joined Oasis. I remember in the dream her username was Michelleasusual or something. Anyways, she commented on one of my posts, one of my angsty why-doesn't-K-love-me ones, but not one where I mentioned "K", so she was like, "Um, what were you talking about here?" I told her to read my other posts and if she figured out who K was to please not say anything. Then, later on in the dream, K herself was like, "Isn't Oasis that site you're on? ...I'm thinking of joining."

So in the space of a dream I had a queer friend and my crush was queer too. (Of course straight people can be on Oasis but in the dream it was cuz they were queer.) I woke up feeling really happy and contented like I haven't felt in months, then I realized it was just a dream. *sigh*


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Oh I hate when that happens.

I had a dream the other day where the guy I like decided that he likes me after all. It was dissapointing to wake up from that. XP