I wish I were a pirate. Arrrg.

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Talking to my cousin's friend... we both like those Asian restaurants where they make the food in front of you, all skillful and awesome-like. :D But then she got offline suddenly, having read but not replied to my message, so naturally, I fear I've done something wrong somehow. :c And I'm all alone again. How joyous. :| Well, she did say something about going to bed like an hour before she stopped talking... God, she goes to bed EARLY! D: It was like 11:00, and we are in the same timezone. Hmm, or maybe I just go to bed late. I really like talking to her, though. I always have this stupid smile on my face when I read one of her messages. XD She's so frickin' adorable, even when she makes bad spelling errors.

Lately, I just feel so... bad. :( No one ever talks to me except for her and this one kid I'm becoming friends with. I think I've mentioned him before. The artsy kid in the grade below me, who gets made fun of often and is rumored to be bi? (I don't think he is, though.) Him. He talks often. He's not so bad; we're a lot alike, really.

My mother seems hellbent on tearing down what tiny bit of self-esteem I have left. I've mentioned before that I have severe body image issues, and she knows this very well. A couple days ago, she told me to borrow clothes from this chick who is like three sizes bigger than me. ;_; Thanks, mother. Thanks. I'm glad to know I look twenty pounds heavier than I really am. Really, I'm ecstatic. Oh, and to make it worse, I hadn't felt bad about myself in a while until she did it. I don't want clothes from that girl, anyway... she's of the mindset that black t-shirts from Wal*Mart make her a "hardcore goth." :| I was like that once. Then, I turned twelve.

Ugh, I am so bored now... Whyyyyyyy did she have to go to sleep? D8


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She probably lost her

She probably lost her internet connection... or she's rude and doesn't say goodbye. No one in my family does when they speak on the telephone and it drives me bonkers.
As for your mom, that's really too bad. She shouldn't do that to you, it isn't her job. And I'm going to go to Eleanor Roosevelt even though I'm going to butcher this "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent." I know you can't not listen to her, but you have to stay positive. xD
And I'm awake to all hours of the night. You can always talk to me. *waves*
I'm on facebook right now!
Did you meet your fortune teller?
Do it up, it's always stellar

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Most people I talk to don't

Most people I talk to don't say goodbye either. It always makes me think I've done something wrong. DX That's probably what's going on...

It really bugs me when my mom does this because she isn't so skinny herself. In fact, I am like half her size. :| It's like the pot calling the kettle black. Gets on my nerves soooo badly...

Yay, nocturnal people! XD