it's official. im a hopeless romantic

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it's amazing and wonderful and if you like sappy love songs...sorta think jason mraz's i'm yours and you're there hehe


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don't worry...

you're not alone...i love jason mraz! <<<<<33333
that was really cute! i think i just found someone new to obsess over! hah!

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haha yes they're both

haha yes they're both amazing. i just learned the first half of the song on the guitar. its actually really simple...until you hit the chorus.......and now my fingers ache haha

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i wish i knew how to play the guitar!
and the piano...that would be awesome...but singing
is just as fine!

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i like playing guitar. your

i like playing guitar. your fingers hurt like a bitch for the first couple months because you gotta get blisters and stuff. the girl i have this humungo crush on plays piano and watching her play is like....*le siiiiigh*

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must be amazing! i love the sounds of the piano...<3
guitar is just as amazing :)

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I put that song on a mix for

I put that song on a mix for my old girlfriend.....
<3 FLAME ON! <3