I've checked MY room for spies.

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Today has been good. Better than yesterday night at least. I'm a dangerous thinker, I start to think about things bigger than myself and I'm pretty sure this one trait/flaw will probably be a bitch later in life.

I went to the beach with some good friends, drove around KI with one of my best friends, then crashed at my house for a while just listening to music and talking. Later today I went out on a motorcycle and realized how much I love the feeling of wind blowing through my hair and the freedom being on a bike gives you. You feel as if you have control over the moment, you decide if you go fast, you go slow, if you crash, or if you play if safe. I'm so getting one once I'm old enough to get my motorcycle license. Until then I'll just stick with stealing rides from my neighbors.

I'm pretty sure that today I have committed myself to getting my life on track again. These last couple of months have been crazy, parties, drinking, drugs, hookups. I'm tired of the crazy life I'm beginning to go down and I figure it's never to late to change this. Thank god I don't have an addictive personality or I would probably be an alcoholic right about now. I'm changing myself and I'm pretty excited about it. Once you leave there will be no more "applesauce". Sometimes I think these last two weeks you've just been using me because I do have access to "applesauce." Hopefully I'm just being naive though. Anyways, I left you a facebook post asking if you were still free for our "movie date", you said you didn't know. I'm not going to be surprised if you don't show, if anything I'm going to congratulate my friends that told me this was going to happen. Let's prove them wrong, okay?