mom isn't as straight as i thought...

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So my mom. Straight, right? Er....wrong....And I'll tell you, that was thrown at me like a rock. A few months ago, in the midst of feeling extremely lonely and lost, she lets something slip. I had been feeling alone and totally isolated; no gay people to talk to, just a bunch of straighties who don't get it. Then once my mom said something along the lines of a girl being hot. And I laughed and said "Mom, I thought you were the straightest person alive!" and she turns on me and says "Where the hell do you think you got it?!".................*cue sudden realization*

Apparently my mother isn't "bisexual" but she has had things with women and can be attracted to them.


Thanks for all the help mom.

And now she's even advertising on this internet dating site...for women. And hey, obviously it doesn't bother me...but I'm....sad. Like I've been living my life thinking my mother didn't understand...and suddenly she likes women too?! What the FUCK?!

And just this morning I asked her if she was leaning more towards men or women for a relationship and she said "Well right now men are pissing me off but I really don't feel like joining a persecuted minority." Is it just me or does that sting a little? She said that once before, the only time I ever thought my mother had a problem with my sexuality. I was talking about being proud of being a lesbian and all of a sudden she turns on me and says in this kinda angry tone "You're PROUD to be in a minority with almost no rights and that gets the shit end of everything?!" am I supposed to feel right now?


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*hug* You have to be proud

*hug* You have to be proud of who you are.

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My mother is similar. Like,

My mother is similar. Like, she says some women are hot, but she doesn't want to date a woman. But your mom's comment about you being proud is WAY out of line. >:( Not even my mom would say something like that. That's so wrong of her! I'm proud to be a lesbian because it's a part of me, and I'm proud of who I am on the inside...

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and very dissaopinted

two guys are talking. one is straight, one is gay. the straight one says" is there anyway i can turn you straight?" the gay one responds" of course, ill go straight as long as you turn gay!"

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it makes me so

it makes me so like.....UUUURRRRGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!