More ramblings about my "vacation."

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Hmm, maybe I'll just post pointless updates everyday on what I'm doing while at my cousin's house. XD Writing recaps of my days is kinda fun...

So, today I had some spare time since I woke up early, and my relatives went to their church. Unfortunately, that free time was spent watching my sister, who refuses to obey anyone who isn't her mommmyyyyy. e_e Well, "mommmmyyyy" had her ass in bed 'til noon! The kid decided she was entitled to eating everything in the house. She ate a cinnamon roll (which was ok, since my aunt gave it to her) and then turned around and had yogurt and some chips that she STOLE from their pantry. I told her she was gonna get fat if she keeps doing that, plus taking food from someone else's house without asking is rude, and she freaked out and said in her horrible, whiny voice that only our mother can tell her what to do. My torture finally ended when my aunt, uncle, and cousin got home. My mom woke up after about 3248793827 hours, and we went out to lunch.

So, lunch... I went into the bathroom, and then when I came out, my cousin's super hot friend randomly appeared. (She is apparently around a LOT, so expect posts about her. If I refer to "my cousin's super hot friend," I'm most likely speaking of her. She and my cousin aren't dating, though my mom seems convinced they are. He proudly farts in public... how would he have a girlfriend?) I have no idea how she got there. She just... appeared. I don't know. Guess it doesn't matter. Anyway, we went shopping, but my mom fucked that up because she is a raging shopaholic. She basically trapped me in the store with her and caused everyone else to leave. T__T I spent an hour trying to find them, but that was cut short when my mom decided to drag me SHOE SHOPPING. I fucking hate shoe shopping with her! She has to pick up every shoe in the store! No, I don't WANT to get some shoes! D:

After that, we went back to my cousin's house. My sister decided to practically glue herself to my cousin's friend. She also became very upset when Cousin's Super Hot Friend preferred to be around us instead of her. I guess she thinks girl = her personal entertainer. She does that shit to my friends at home allll the time... It's so irritating, and it embarrasses me a lot. Anyway, a bunch of non-interesting stuff happened. There were no drunk people, creepy old men, electric laser lights, or dancing penguins, and no, I did not score with my cousin's friend. XD But I seriously regret not eating much dinner because now I'm starving at midnight. I should go to bed soon... can't stop yawning.

I also found out that my cousin is one of the scariest drivers I've ever ridden with. The whole time I was like, "OH FUCK HE'S DOING 90! DDD:" Well, he was only really bad when we were taking his friend home; the way back wasn't so bad and somehow seemed a lot shorter. Then, more non-interesting stuff happened, and now I'm on the internet. A random spot of green and red paint has appeared on my hand.

Oh, wait, no, something interesting did happen. I should really stop hugging all of my cousin's hot friends goodbye, because it's happened like three times and is kinda weird. XD But two of those times weren't exactly my fault, ok?

u_u In other news, I'm missing MY super hot friend. I wonder when she leaves for her camp thingy... Today, I saw a shirt that reminded me of her, so I absolutely had to get it. I wonder what she's doing right now...

I can't type another word. D: I'm so tired.


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your entire post....

had me giggleing

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I was giggling as I wrote

I was giggling as I wrote it. Haha. :3