My kitty died and this is for her

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Everything I'm not
and everything you were
it concludes the happy life
I hope you had
You were there my whole life
since the moment I was born
we grew up together
you were there every second
every moment
every birthday
you were there in the background
you were great
you were my friend
we grew closer as we grew older
at one point I wasn't sure what I'd do if you died

But I'm certain you had a full life
21 years strong
you gave birth to many kittens
and you were a great mom
you even put up with 3 dogs over the course of your life
though there were some fights and the claws came out
you did okay, you let them live

I'm crying, heavily
thinking back on all the memories
but I know you're in a better place
and with your family I would hope

Thinking about what I've been told
about your last moments
I hate it
it isn't right, it's not how you should've gone out
you were a fighter and you lived all these years
only to have some bastards decide it's your time to die
and for what?
Just because, apparently

In some ways I feel it should be me that should've died
the way I abuse my body
you shoud've lived longer than me
hell if you were a human being you would've lived into your 80's or 90's easily
but what can one do?
They say the good die young...

This is about you and not me
I can only wish you the best in your new journey...
but I guess it's been months since you were on it
I hope you're happy and you're doing well
and I know you're a cat but you were a HUGE part of the family
and always will be
no one can ever take that away

RIP Chewy

Love Ashley


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You'll meet again later

Somewhere else in a lower density realm, closer to HOME. It's a bitch for the survivors when a loved one dies. The separation is temporary, though. Take it from an NDE.

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Near Death Experience???

My dad has told me, since I was young, that he had one when he was just a kid. I believe him too. I think that there's somewhere that we all truly belong. I think that being down here is just an experience but we truly 'live' somewhere else, we just come down here from time to time.

Thanks for the kind words, I do believe I'll see her again :)

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Awww. :( I am so sorry about

Awww. :( I am so sorry about your cat. I have a kitty; he's 2 years old. I would be destroyed if he died... I hope you feel better soon, and may your kitty rest in peace.

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Thank you so much :)

Thank you so much for the nice words :)

She was so old (21 years!). But she was still alive and kickin' when I last saw her, in October, before we moved and my brother took her in. It's hard to swallow that she's truly gone.

Once upon a time I ripped the wings from my spine
But when I hide inside your eyes I still pretend that I can fly

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My kitty just died too...

My kitty just died too... She wasn't even eight months old yet...

If homosexuality is a disease, let's all call in queer to work: "Hello. Can't work today, still queer."

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I'm so sorry. She died far

I'm so sorry. She died far too young!

Cheer up though, I'm sure that she's in a good place now and you'll see her again someday :)