My mom is a ten year old girl on the inside.

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Yeah, tonight while the power was out, I taught her how to text. BIIIG MISTAKE. x__x Now, however, she all of a sudden hates it, yet is still using my phone...

Apart from having a crappy morning and eating some crackers that tasted like outside, I've had a pretty good day except for a few things. :) I made my grandpa take me grocery shopping, so I could finally get delicious food in this house. That improved my day sooo much.

Hmm, but I'm kinda sad that the girl from my school who has a gay mom may be moving. :( We used to never get along until this past year when she found out about her mom and decided to tell me. Now we get along great for some reason... I guess it's because we're both upset by the copious amounts of homophobes that occupy our town.

In other news, I just found out that I have to go to a party this girl, who pretty much ruined my entire freaking life a couple years back, is having. Greaaat. I have to go because my mom "feels bad for her," despite my mom knowing the whole story. This sack of rotting, anal leakage, who used to be my best friend, decided it would be appropriate to out me to our entire grade simply because she had a bad day. :| Some best friend, huh? I STILL catch hell over it from time to time. I can't stand her, but somehow she thinks she is still my friend. Uh, whatever... Thank goodness one of my real friends is gonna be there; maybe I'll just stick with him the entire time.

Also, together, my cousin's friend and I horribly over-abuse the :) smiley. It's fantabulous.



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Haha. x3 That reminds me of

Haha. x3 That reminds me of the time my parents demanded that I teach them "Rock, Paper, Scissors".

Oooh, shopping for food is always fun. :B Glad to hear that that improved your day!

"No, I didn't trip. I was just testing gravity. (It still works)"

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Haha! My mom seems to have

Haha! My mom seems to have gotten over her texting obsession today, though, after she embarrassed herself. XD

Food shopping is the greatest!

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Yeah, food always fits.

Yeah, food always fits.