My mother talked to me about getting pregnancy today... bleh.

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So yeah. I had asked my mom if we could go to Starbucks. So we do, and while we're there, she talks to me about when I should have sex, and about pregnancy, and the whole straight sex talk. She doesn't know I'm queer, so I was like "Omigod" through the whole thing. And then she makes sex references, and I'm thinking, "TMI. I'm a lesbian!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" It was surreal.


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there's definitely another

there's definitely another item to add to the "reasons to come out" list. omg, i can't even imagine...
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Ha, yeah :)

Ha, yeah :)

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Haha, that's kind of funny. But it does seem annoying and something you dont need to know. Definately one of the up sides to coming out.

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oorah for awkward parental

oorah for awkward parental sex talks.

this is moving beyond the pregnancy thing, but whenever i remark that some baby's really adorable, it always leads off to some tangent about me having babies, getting married to some nice husband...>< my mom knows, she just chooses to deny it. a lot.

eurgh to more awkward sex references.

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Oh dear, poor you.

And that my friends is why one comes out. I never got the straight sex talk, haha, until I came out I spent all by time talking about how much I hated boys, and would never date one... then I came out. They never got a chance.


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Yeah, yeah, I should come

Yeah, yeah, I should come out. I think I almost did. But then I was like, bleh. Not coming out in a Starbucks. Come to think about it, it seems like public places are the places my mom likes to use the most to talk about sex. She did the same thing when I was 5 in the SF Union Square Macy's basement bathroom, and I asked "What's sex?"

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Of course, no man-on-man or

Of course, no man-on-man or woman-on-woman mention.

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No! But that's the best

No! But that's the best kind! Aww....
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That sucks. Don't worry you're not alone on the awkward conversations :]

I was lucky though with my parents cause they basically avoided all of those subjects. They NEVER had the "talk" with me. They just sorta left it up to the school to teach me about that stuff. So basically I learned all I know about sex from school, the internet, movies, and TV(The L Word! Hehe). My mom didn't even talk to me about periods, I had that talk with my much older sister. I hated that. It was so awkward. I don't know why, it just was!

Hey, another upside to you coming out, you can tell your mom she'll never have to worry about unwanted pregnancies :)

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Indeed. No unwanted

Indeed. No unwanted pregnancies :) Oh god. My mom relishes the opportunity to talk about sex and periods. It's hellishly awkward. When I was little, I would hate having my mom bathe me, because she would talk about periods and shit like that.

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You would hate living at my

You would hate living at my house if you hate talking about sex... because that's all my family seems to do. Which I find hilarious. My dad even throws out the occasional "That's what she said" joke, and my mom just make a "that's what he said" joke like twenty minutes ago and my friend I couldn't stop laughing. I know more about sex than most of my friends combined. But I can understand that it can be hellishly awkward when parents discuss their own sex lives and shit like that, I know. My parents have talked to me about their sex life too much (they're divorced and ...yeah it gets interesting and disgusting when they talk about stuff like that, my mom is a little too open about her bf sometimes).
And long car rides is usually when my mom forces me to talk about sex. I can't escape. So at least your mom wasn't quite as clever there. xD Better luck next time. Oh! And just because you're a lesbian doesn't mean you shouldn't be educated about straight sex it can help you/your friends out in the future. Sorry for the long post. xD
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No, tis cool. I should

No, tis cool. I should explain. It's not that I don't like talking abut sex. It's actually pretty hilarious. It's that I don't want to here it all over again from my mom in a much more awkward context.