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worst. fucking. weekend. of. my. life.

i have had to deal with drunken children in adult bodies having fights outside my bedroom door at 3 in the morning. i've had to listen to some guy sob for an hour straight at 3 in the morning. i've had to deal with people going in an out of my bathroom at all hours and trust me, these walls ain't thick.

i've had to clean up after these emotionally illiterate, overpriveleged, over indulged, intellectually devoid CHILDREN for the past THREE DAYS.

i had to clean up wet and soggy pieces of croutons and ritz crackers that someone tossed in the sink. THE SIDE WITHOUT THE GARBAGE DISPOSAL. i had to wash a mountain of dishes and clean the kitchen for two days without so much as a word of thanks or an offer to help.

i've had to deal with people coming in at all hours of the night and day, acting like they've never been to someone's house before.

and now...the straw on the camel's back.

all i wanted was to go to church. just to go to church, be in my church one last time before i leave. say some tearful goodbyes, enjoy a good sermon and sing a little before i go. but no, they won't even let me do that. i can't even go to church with these little fucking ingrates. see, my grandparents have a circular driveway, and there are places that, if you park there, other people can't get out. now, one of these precious little snowflakes, instead of realizing that where he was parked would make it very difficult for someone, say ME, to get out and park somewhere less inconvenient. or, if he'd scooted his card just a teense more to the side, just to make a little room for me to squeeze out. no, he parks he goddamn piece of ford or honda or toyata SHIT right SMACK DAB in the middle of the MOTHERFUCKING driveway, and try as i might, i can't get out without doing further damage to a car that isn't mine.

if my asshole of an uncle thinks that my grandmother isn't going to hear alllllllllll the sordid details of what went on this weekend, he is SORELY SORELY SORRRRELY mistaken. because i am TIRED of this BULLSHIT. i am tired of being put in a position where my niceness is taken advantage of. i am TIRED of him thinking that he can get away with this shit. i am not above being a snitch if it means he will get in trouble. because i'm pretty sure my grandparents said no to having people over the house while they were away. i am GONE tomorrow and i will not put up with this anymore.

sorry for the rampant capslock. i just needed to get that off my chest.