NOOO! I have to leave from here soon! :( NOOOOOO /dies

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I'm not ready to leave from my vacation! Nooo! I have to go Thursday or Friday. D: I don't wanna! /super-glues self to floor

Ahhhhfkadfjlkjdsd, I want my cousin's friend to come back one more time before I leave. XD She's so cute! I just realized that in the face, she kinda looks like the first girl I liked. Haha. Anyway, my cousin was going to call his other hot friend (Oh yes, he has more!), who I met two years ago, but she couldn't come. :(

I forgot to update yesterday. Nothing really interesting happened, though. All I did was go to the movies with my aunt. Today, however, was VERY interesting. My mom, a raging shopaholic, dragged me shopping. Much torture was endured. She simply cannot understand that NOT all teenage girls love shopping. Well, I kinda already knew I failed at being a girl, anyway... I look like one, and that's about it. Anyway, she then managed to spend an hour or two at a freaking GROCERY STORE. We bought... eleven items. .__.

I don't want to leave here! ;__; There's nothing to do at home! There's no one to talk to! There aren't any bitchy cats to tease! (My cat is just fat and lazy...) And if I go home, WHEN will I see my cousin's hot friend again? XD I am most worried about that! WTF?

And... today, I talked to my friend, the one I like. She couldn't talk for long because she was getting off a plane, but it was so good to hear from her! I miss her a lot. :(


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dont worry, i am a failure at being a girl too XDDDD
hehehe wow.....eleven...items.... 8O lmfao XD

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Same here. My mom informed

Same here. My mom informed me about a month in advance about when we would go shopping for school clothes just so I could mentally prepare myself. Lol I hate shopping. Except for tennis shoes. I love them. :)

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I pretty much agree with everything said here. I look like a girl...doesnt mean i like girl stuff. Hate shopping, except for shoes. Thats about it. lol.

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I'm glad to know I'm not the

I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who fails at being a girl. XD