Oh jeeze. XD

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Now, I love my friends and all, but there are something I just don't need to hear them say. Descriptions of their skinny-dipping adventures with other random people I don't know DEFINITELY fall under that category. XD

Speaking of friends, I'm still all nervous about one of them coming to town this week. She's so not going to want to see me, ughhh. D: She will be so busy, and I am so unbelievably boring...

I always get mildly depressed around this time of year because school is starting very soon. :( It's been especially bad this year because all of my friends are gone. The last time I was alone at school was fifth grade, and I was always so angry then... Well, I'm not COMPLETELY alone, I mean, there are some kids in the middle school I get along with, but I won't be able to see them too often. The only other high school students I sometimes get along with get so angry with me all the time for really stupid reasons, and that makes me sad. D:

...Oh, FUCK. D8 Pardon my French, but I just found out that there's a chance I'll have my middle school gym teacher as an actual teacher. I hated that woman so freaking much, and she hated me about fifty times worse. I never purposely caused any trouble in her class; I just didn't know how to lift weights. One day in eighth grade, she got really mad at me for it and yelled at me in front of the entire class, and didn't even bother to tell me what I had done wrong or anything. She sent me out of class, and I was so horribly embarrassed... After class, she had the gall to tell me how awful and disrespectful (...?) I was. I had absolutely NO idea what was going on. :(

She also, over the course of just that one year, said everyone who doesn't like basketball is fat, made my crush do gym class even when she broke her arm, and punished us all quite regularly because a few girls were lazy. This may just sound like the nerdy English-class enthusiast whining about gym class, but even the athletic people hated this woman. Even my bullies were afraid of her... Even them.

She may be a history teacher. Why do I always have such bad luck with history teachers? It seems that being batshit-fucking-crazy is a requirement for being a history teacher at my school. I had one that ignored us and looked at porno sites during class, and I also had one that had no idea how to teach and was militantly racist and homophobic. Um, yeahhh... When will I ever get a decent history teacher? D: It's such a shame because I LIKE history, but it's impossible to do well when you have a teacher that thinks the Pilgrims landed in Jamestown. Yes, that woman had been teaching for 35+ years, and she told us the PILGRIMS landed in JAMESTOWN. :|

Uggghhh, school is going to SUCK. Everyone tells me to get over it and that I'll make new friends, but it's really not that simple...


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Oh Super Duck.... you always

Oh Super Duck.... you always make me smile. Except for today..... today was sad. I hope that you get a new history teacher and new friends. :(

Hey! I have an idea! Ill be your friend! :D

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I accept your offer!

I accept your offer! XD

Yeah, I'm hoping they get a new history teacher just in case this woman does teach... And there were a few people who weren't so bad last year; maybe they'll let me be their friend...

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You aren't boring. Actually

You aren't boring. Actually this sounds kind of bad, but I read other posts before your's because generally they are boring and ... I want to read the best for last but I can never wait. Now who has no life?
You should just come to my school. I'm a senior in high school though, so close to being eighteen *dreams* sorry, I'm just excited. But that would be awesome if you came to my school. My sister is going to be freshman, and I know lots of people at my school. We'd take care of you and help you avoid the one evil history teacher.
Let's be friends! Then I can stop feeling so nerdy by what I said earlier about your journal. *blushes*
Did you meet your fortune teller?
Do it up, it's always stellar

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Well, I'm glad I'm

Well, I'm glad I'm interesting to someone at least. :3

I should! I have like, zero reason to stay at my school other than the fact it's the only one around that isn't 1.) unsafe or 2.) religiously affiliated. I should just grow wings and fly away to some school that doesn't have evil teachers~

Yes, we can be friends! :D