oh my god XD

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My cousin and I have just had the most insane, disturbing conversation EVER. Holy shit. It's hilarious, though.

(WARNING: Disturbingness ensues.)

First, he accused me of fantasizing about living in Mushroom Land with a bunch of sparkling fairy princesses all wanting to have sex with me. I told him he liked to blow horses or something. Anyway, he THEN said that I fantasize about... oh god... XD About his two hot friends... having sex with each other... in Mushroom Land. To be completely honest, I think that is the greatest mental image ever and have been giggling about it for about an hour now. Anyway, I told him he fantasizes about leg hair. (???) Our conversation soon escalated to him saying, "You fantasize about frigging Lumberjack legs on my friends while they're doing each other!"

(Ok... It's not really the greatest mental image ever anymore...)

Thus, Mushroom-Lumberjack Land was born. It eventually expanded to include Smurfs and little boys with hairy legs. The mushrooms there are made of bacon. :D Umm, yeahhh... We're insane.

I just thought I'd share. XD Oh wow, we are fucked up in the head! I already have crazy dreams... I'm sure tonight will be the worst yet in terms of insanity.


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I love when I get to see the

I love when I get to see the inner workings of other people's brain. xD Thanks for sharing. xDD
Did you meet your fortune teller?
Do it up, it's always stellar

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You're welcome. XD I love to

You're welcome. XD I love to share the insanity that takes place within my brain!