Ok... so one more. XD

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I lied; I've got another update about my cousin's friend. XD It's small, but it makes me really happy.

My cousin was apparently lying just to be evil... She does too have facebook! I discovered that tonight, so now we are friends there. So, I was looking at her page, and I realized something. She doesn't list her orientation on neither facebook nor myspace... :) Perhaps the universe is throwing some luck my way after all. (Or not... but I don't know! Let me have my little happy moment until proven otherwise, ok? XD) Of course, if the universe IS deciding to be nice to me by finally letting someone who might not be straight come along, it's still being a shit by making her live five hours away. :|

Oh, no, my cousin is on! XD I bet he's going to bug me about this. I just know he's going to have something to say since I discovered his LIE...

In other news, tonight I was talking to a kid in the grade under me, who everyone makes fun of. I feel really bad for him; he's gone through a lot of the same stuff I have. We became friends a few months ago. I think he's bi... but I'm not sure. It may all just be rumors 'cause he's not overly masculine. I dunno, it's just good to know I'm not totally alone in hating the place in which I live and being a misfit.

And this crazy woman called my house ten times within the span of an hour. >:( SO. IRRITATING.


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OOOOH thats GREAT! not about

OOOOH thats GREAT! not about the someone calling you ten times. But about the face book thing. goooooooooo super duck! :D

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I know, I was sooo excited.

I know, I was sooo excited. XD (Again, not about the being called ten times thing... That was so annoying; my mom and I were trying to watch TV!)

SUPER DUCK GOOOO! /crashes into wall

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Aww, well you two can be

Aww, well you two can be friends. And when you go to visit your cousin, she can visit you and not just your cousin. Evil plots aren't my thing atm, but I'll think of something. XDD
Did you meet your fortune teller?
Do it up, it's always stellar

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Evil plots are amazing.

Evil plots are amazing. XD

Yeah, I hope something like that will happen. :3