Perfect Stereo Type

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I'm not 5'5, light skinned with pretty eyes and long hair. I'm not ya ride or die chick. I'm not loud and ghetto. I don't rock J's and forces with skinny jeans &nd fitteds. But i will stick by you when you need me. I will listen when you need me to and tell you things that you aren't relizing. I wear Vans, Chucks, and Airwalks.

I'm not 4'11" with glasses and a timid smile. I'm not a complete geek with the sexy vibe. I don't always wear my glasses thogh i should. I dont make straight A's but i am on high honors. and I do go out and party.

I'm not the kind of chick that wears short shorts and mini skirts. with low cut tight shirts. I dont wear high heels for no reason. and i dont always shave. I'm not a vixen but i can turn yew on. sexually and mentally.

Im 5'2", dark skinned with brown eyes and shoulder length hair. I wear jeans and t-shirts with bright shoes. I love to read. I do my work. I'm loud when i feel like it but most of all i'm just plain WEIRD. sooo

do i fit your stereo type?


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Im not sure what my stereo

Im not sure what my stereo type i am. assign me one.