Rainbow Veins ((a piece of my song))

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you say im confused,
but i know who i am,
you say im to young,
but you just dont understand,
the fact that this is me,
all im ever gunna be,
and your trippin,
if your hopein,
that i'll re-asign myself,
to make you feel confortable,
this is unacceptable,
that in a world wishin for "peace"
that you cant take the minute
to listen to me,
a voice of a million,
trying to be heard,
the fact that your killin,
is beyond absurd,
equality at reach,
but you just wont listen,
the point of the fact,
is just what your missin,
"gay rights"
its as simple as that,
just like womans,
just like blacks,
but we aint got time for that,
hundreds are dieing,
possibly millions,
you keepin your noses in the air,
and it'll turn to trillions,
but your the F***in reason,
half of my community is scared to say,
"mom, dad, im gay"
cuz you make it seem that its not okay,
well IM here to say,
it IS okay,
and im here to say,
that I'LL love you anyway.

a piece of my song, "rainbow veins"
its meant to be read with abit of a beat.


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i definitely felt the beat

i definitely felt the beat when i was reading it. me gusta! that's totally how i feel, especially the first 5 lines. awesome! you should make a video of yourself singing it and post it. =)
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I can see it....somehow I

I can see it....somehow I see the beginning starting out with acoustic guitar and ending with rock XD...my mind is weird. Let me kno what you come up with.

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lol thank you two for feedback, i see it more as me playin an acoustic version of a beat on my guitar and rapping this over the top. possibly coming up with a chorus and having a girl sing it over my guitar :]]

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Sounds like a good idea to

Sounds like a good idea to me :]

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