rather pointless.

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i feel so piontless. like all i do is complicate ppls lives. which is all i do. im sure i rocked plenty of my friends worlds when i came out. i dont want to die, and i dont want to llive. i want to be in pergetory or something. im thinking if i was in a tall building, i would jump, because at least i wouldd get a thrill before the peace ful black. of course with my luck the paramedics would manage to save me, despite everybone in my body bieng broken. i want to get in a fist fight with a homophobe, or anything. i want to just have a point.


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Your not pointless!

Your not pointless! everytime I get on and see that cute little mammal i am like yay! its ferrets! You brighten my day! And I am sure that all of your friends family feel that way times ten or more.