Sexuality Scale (aka me with insomnia)

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So, perhaps everybody else here has already figured this out, but I had a revelation last night: When it comes to sexuality, there are two "categories": gender identification (what gender you feel like) and gender attraction (what gender you are attracted to). Like this:

Gender Identification

Gender Attraction

Nobody lies on the exact end of either scale--not even heterosexuals, even homophobic straight people "experiment" when they're younger. Nobody even has a set spot on the scale, so maybe it's more a point with a range around it. Say, my gender identification is at around 98% female, with a 2% or so discrepancy on either side. My gender *attraction* is at this point just a 100% discrepancy. (Haha.) People can move on the scales, either towards one end or the other or having more or less discrepancy. (E.g., hopefully my gender attraction discrepancy narrows somewhat so I can give myself an identity.)

...Hm, so, looking at this, I see my overanalyzing mind at work, trying to assign logic to something that isn't necessarily logical. However, this idea of mine doesn't seem like I'm overdoing it too much...heck who am I kidding? I really ought to stop trying to make sense of everything. (Although you have to admit it's a cute idea. And it helps me to be able to assign words or numbers to myself, even if--even *though*--in the end it's not the label that matters.)


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Have you ever heard of Dr.

Have you ever heard of Dr. Alfred Kinsey? He came up with a scale when he researched sexual behavior in the earlier forties. I don't know if he said anything about gender identity though.

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Hadn't heard of

Hadn't heard of him...interesting...well since someone well-researched came up with the idea of sexuality on a scale, maybe I'm not quite so overanalyzing after all. Or rather, maybe I'm not the only one overanalyzing...
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