So, Lesbian Movies. What ones are good?

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Okay well. I've been wanting to watch some really good lesbian movies. I've seen -But I'm a Cheerleader,Loving Annabelle,Mango Kisses, and Finn's Girl. I think thats about it. I want to be able to watch these online if possible, So give me a link so i can find it. Thanks. =)
P.S. I realllly want to see The incredibly true adventure of 2 girls in love!
but i can't find it any where online. Help?
-KaylaLoki <3

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two girls in love - i

two girls in love - i watched completely on youtube.
it was a bit choppy and sometimes skipped a little - you have to have a youtube account that's verified that you're over 18 to watch all of it, but that's easy to get around.
imagine me and you is another amazing one. i loves it.
itty bitty titty committe is another by the woman who directed(?) But I'm A Cheerleader. same humor, and Graham makes a small cameo (at least, i think it's her)..
goldfish memory is kinda cute. it was weird, but it ended nicely.
i watched the last three on netflix & netflix online, so... i dunno if they're anywhere else.
try youtube, and then maybe (it's what i use for Harry Potter movies)

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Thanks. I'll try that and

Thanks. I'll try that and watch them. =)

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out at the wedding is a good

out at the wedding is a good one,
its played on logo a few times,
its on logo online
and i believe you can watch most of it on youtube but im not positive.

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my absolute favorite movie

my absolute favorite movie is "imagine me & you". it's fantastic.

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That's definitely one of my favourite too! *virtual high 5*

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*virtual high 5* back. what other movies do you like?

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Sry for the late reply

LOL I like pretty much all movies that show a growth of characters. Tipping the Velvet (a classic British lesbian film), Lost and Delirious(sad but beautiful), and Saving Face (first Asian-American lesbian movie) is definitely on the top of my list =)

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Imagine me and you was good
Some other movies in that genre are 'DEBS' which was absolutely fabulous and Loving Annabelle
Lesbian Movie Guide

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love DEBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol my parents bought me this movie, my first gay movie ever. Kinda shocked when they kissed lol.......

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I dunno about good movies,

I dunno about good movies, but I know that you can find almost anything on Well, I know about it for tv shows. Haven't tried movies, actually...

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all i can do

Always can watch But I'm A Cheerleader....... such a fantastic movie, rupaul is in it :)

"I liked you yesterday, but fell in love with you today"- Were the World Mine

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Kickass lesbians vs. the mafia. Yes. If These Walls Could Talk 2 is also good. Never, ever watch Go Fish. No matter how many people tell you it's an indie lesbian classic. Not worth the ninety minutes or whatever.

Check out for some good reviews. Queer movies are harder to find online, but still possible.

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I really want to see Bound,

I really want to see Bound, because really how can you beat "kickass lesbians vs. the mafia"? But I've never had the opportunity to watch/obtain it.

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You should definitely watch

You should definitely watch it, I think you can watch in online or something. Best thriller/romantic movie! I even had to take breaks in between cuz I couldnt take it. Or maybe it's just me lol

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I agree

You should definitely check it out. Especially if you like thriller type movies. It's a good movie! Plus Jennifer Tilly is in a word...awesome! I heart her :D

I watched it on Youtube months ago. You might still be able to find it there if you don't mind the low video quality.

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You can download a really

You can download a really good version of Bound off bittorrent, if you can find it.

I actually think it's not really a lesbian movie, as in it's more of a mafia movie with a lesbian twist- the girl on girl just happens to make it better.

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"if you can find it" ?

"if you can find it" ?

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...that you mentioned the "loveliness" that is Go Fish. I was reading a little piece on afterellen yesterday where they summarized the "best" lesbian movies in 3 lines or less. They didn't mention Bound but for Go Fish the response is: Entire Cast: We need acting lessons. Several people then lamented how they will never get those lost hours back from watching it.

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Thanks all. I'll try these. =)

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I watched Bound. It was great. i think its the greatest movie ever make. xD I loved it thanks. =)

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This is very longgggg....

Show Me Love- It's a really cute and (I think) realistic look at falling in love with a girl for the first time. And now every time I hear the song "I Wanna Know What Love is" I smile XD You can watch it here :

Imagine Me And You- Cute romantic-comedy, it actually made me laugh a few times, and Lena Headey is awesome and SO cute. The one scene in the super market where Luce and Rachel keep bumping into eachother is probably my favourite...or one of the top at least. I watched this one on Youtube bad quality though. You might still be able to find it on there.

Lost And Delirious-The first lesbian movie that I ever watched and I really loved it when I first saw it. Even with the darkness that the movie goes into it's still a really good movie. Watch it for Piper Perabo's performance if nothing else. She's really good in it!

Bound- It was cool. I like thrillers anyways so the lesbian relationship just adds to it. It was a pretty smart cool movie. Plus I'll say it again I love Jennifer Tilly! :)

D.E.B.S- Jordana Brewster is really cute AND hot in it and it made me laugh a few times. I think it could've been a lot better but it's still a pretty good movie. I watched it on Youtube but the quality was pretty bad and the sound was off sometimes, you might still be able to find it there though.

Better Than Chocolate-It's a cute canadian movie. The Male to Female transgendered character Judy is one of the best trans characters I've ever seen in a movie or TV show(granted I haven't seen a whole lot of trans characters). I found her really likable. It has a lesbian who is dealing with trying to come up with the courage to tell her mom that she's gay and that her "friend" is really her girlfriend. It's not for everyone but it was fairly good to me and had funny moments.

Fried Green Tomatoes-Not exactly a lesbian movie there are serious lesbian undertones. It's a great film none the less one of my favourite movies of all time. Basically for me it's a movie I can watch with my mom and enjoy even though it's totally gay.

Monster- It's the true story of the first female serial killer with a bit of a lesbian love story. I loved the scene in the roller rink where Charlize Theron and Christina Ricci kiss while Journey's song plays. It's awesome. Although, I hated the way Ricci's character was later on but...yeah. I still really like this movie. Probably not one you want to watch.

Boys Don't Cry- Not a lesbian film but a true story of a transgendered boy. Wonderful, sad, thoughtful and heartbreaking. If you haven't seen it you definitely should.

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And hey...

You can also try your local libraries for gay movies if you haven't already. Try looking up our suggestions at your libraries website :)

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Thanks I'll do that.

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If you're interested check

If you're interested check out the pop culture section on the following website:

A list of lesbian, gay, and bisexual movies =)

There are also links to web series about case you are interested.

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Lesbian films and tv shows

There are some great movies and tv shows about lesbians. Lets start with movies. I Can't Think Straight , It's In The Water , Love and Suicide , Out At The Wedding, Desert Heart, High Art, Intentions, Running On Empty Dreams. These are a few to start with. Really good films some are older and some newer. I can't think straight is absolutely great and out at the wedding. Gia with Angelina Jolie is also a f great film for lesbians. If your a teenager love and suicide is great and gives great perspectives. I hope these film suit what people are looking for. There are 100's more out there. Real quick great tv show of course L word, Bad Girls, South of Nowhere are great for lesbians.

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More Movies

Bitter Moon, Saving Face, Making Maya, Nina's Heavenly Delight, Bitch Slap, My Summer Love, The World Unseen, Claire Of The Moon.

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kissing jessica stein that wasnt mentioned

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I am suprised Fingersmith

I am suprised Fingersmith has not been mentioned,I really enjoyed it and watched it again not long after I watch it the first time.I'm not sure if you are into this sort of thing as it is set in 1862 but I recommend giving it a chance as it is a very good film.

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Mango Kiss

I haven't seen it, but maybe Mango Kiss?

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yes. mango kiss. i liked it,

yes. mango kiss.
i liked it, even though it was superweird at times.

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I have seen the film "Out at

I have seen the film "Out at the Wedding" last night. It is the great film..The movie is full of comedy and romance..You must go for this film..
Out at the Wedding

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My Lesbian Movies Critique

So I typed a Long blog about my favorite Lesbian movies and it all got deleted and I don’t want to type it over but seeing how my favorite movies were overlooked I decided to type it again, but to keep it shorter than I had it before and sweet.
My Favorite movies , which I didn’t see on the list at all are:
1.) I Can’t Think Straight
2.) Elena Undone (which has the longest on screen cinema kiss in history)
3.) Fingersmith (I did see one person mention it before me)
4.) Drool
1990’s movies that I have seen were:
The Incredible Adventures of Two Girls in Love – It was alright, I wasn’t too crazy about it
When Night is Falling- Not too convincing (time wise) but very passionate
Sister My Sister- I thought I could handle watching the movie, after all it is just a movie, but the incest relationship in the movie freaked me out so bad that I couldn’t watch the entire movie, so I don’t now how it ended, and that kinda sucks.
It’s in the Water- Was a great movie, I just wish we had more to see of the actual relationship formed between the two main characters.
2000’s movies that I have seen were;
Lost and Delirious- Very sad but realistic and relatable
Mulholland Drive – A psycho thriller that I didn’t understand, therefore I didn’t like
But I’m a Cheerleader- I thought it was a ridiculous movie that played on certain stereotype of persons in the LGBT community and I didn’t take to it very well
Saving Face- I liked the idea but the command of Chinese language that was dominate in the American setting film irritated me because I didn’t find a copy with English subtitles and I couldn’t understand most of what was being said in the movie.
Loving Anabella- I didn’t care for it much because I didn’t like the idea of this “bad ass” school girl, seducing the teacher and as a result the teacher gets taken away by the police. The ending sucked.
Bloomington- Was like “Loving Anabella” except the college professor seduces a student and is punished for it by the end of the movie, and the student she risked her career for wasn’t worth it. The student seemed immature and I think the character wasn’t compelling enough to be the object of affection. The student and professor didn’t match well together but maybe that is what made the story tie together, even more?!?! Bottom line, it was a waste of (my) time.
The Gymnyst- was a huge disappointment. Watching the trailer had me convinced that I was going to see a passionate love story, but instead….IDK, it just didn’t come together an deliver the way I expected it to, but the scenario of the main character’s lives and issues were realistic, at least.
The International movies I saw were:
Fire- An Indian movie that I absolutely loved
Aimee and Jaguar- The setting of the film was in Germany during the Holocaust and it was not only a realistically compelling love story, but it was political and educational as well. The movie is not in English, subtitles may be necessary.
Viola Di Mare (translated as The Sea Purple)- This movie was set in Italy. I don’t know how socially accurate the movie is, however it was compelling and realistic, I enjoyed it. The language is in Italian, of course.
The Secret Diaries of Miss Anne Lister- I liked this movie (This an English movie)
Room in Rome – This was a porn with a flimsy script in my opinion. It wasn’t in the English language and I couldn’t find a copy with English subtitles, therefore I couldn’t understand most of the dialogue that occurred and I wasn’t convinced that two strangers, hooking up the night they meet, can have so much passion, not really knowing one another, it just wasn’t convincing to me, which made me lose interest.
The World Unseen – Another movie Directed by Shamim Sarif, in which Lisa Ray and Sheetal Seth, co stars together. This movie is entertaining and political as it’s setting is in South Africa, during Apartheid. Although I was not happy with the ending, it was realistic, and I some case, expected, but overall the movie was really good.
Going backwards from my Top four favorite Lesbian movies (that I have seen so far)
4.) Drool – I loved the movie. Although it was bizarre in the plot and the animations, I felt that it was humorous and interesting, to say the most and the least….and it doesn’t hurt that Jill Marie Jones starred in the movie and her character’s love interest was the character’s of Laura Harring….interesting, indeed.
3.) Fingersmith- It was an interesting movie. I love the plot of the entire situation, I don’t believe I have ever seen a movie quite like this before, with such a different, yet compelling story line, I was drawn to the movie, completely.
2.) Elena Undone – Necar Zadegan is total eye candy, and the passion between her character and her character’s love interest was absolutely yummy. Although the story of a married heterosexual woman falling in love with her new lesbian best friend was cliché, the story had some Frisbees thrown in there to add originality and surprise, every now and then. There is a great deal of passion in this movie and if you love kissing, you are going to love this because the longest on screen kiss in cinematography is found in this movie, ooooh yeeeeas, lol….i think it is worth watching.
1.) Lastly but most importantly I believe the best Lesbian Movie that I have seen so far is
“ I Can’t Think Straight.” Lisa Ray and Sheetal Seth have great chemistry in the movie and their on screen romance makes the movie compellingly credible. Both Lisa Ray and Sheetal Seth are completely “easy on the eyes” and they are absolutely delicious together. The movie bring together conflict caused when two females both exploring their true sexual identities, fall in love and are forced to deal with issues caused by their clash of cultures, religions, families and lovers. It is an amazing and genuinely heartfelt movie, and I enjoyed it, hopefully you will as well.
This is my Lesbian movie Critique and hopefully other will be compelled to see some of the movies on my list that weren’t mentioned already.