So, my friend's wedding!

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I just got back from it. :) I am happy for her. But I noticed that her husband is only like, two inches taller than her. XD

I loved how at the end of their quiet, serious ceremony, they blasted loud rock music as they left. Haha, that was amazing! EPIC PLOT TWIST!

I wore a dress. :/ I never, ever, EVER wear dresses. It's such a weird feeling, but apparently I looked good in it.

OH, AND I AM SUCCESSFUL. I'm sorry, I had to put that in all caps. Haha. Cousin's hot friend just added me on myspace. 8D This is the last post about her for a while; I know you're all sick of hearing about this. XD It's probably getting old by now. I'm just really happy! A SUCCESSFUL SUPER DUCK IS A HAPPY SUPER DUCK.

I'm going to the movies tonight... with my mom. XD I'm so lame! Well, actually, no, I'm not lame. I am a successful Super Duck. :)


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Congrats!!! Yay success. :)

Congrats!!! Yay success. :)

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Thank you! :) And yes,

Thank you! :)

And yes, success is good! Better than the opposite, at least... /shudder

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yes. success..... tastes

yes. success..... tastes like butter. And suger. Mixed.

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Mmm, delicious! :D

Mmm, delicious! :D

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mmm, sugar! I do love sugar.

mmm, sugar! I do love sugar. Especially brown sugar!!

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Oh my gosh, I want brown

Oh my gosh, I want brown sugar now. :(

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no, no - you have to keep

no, no - you have to keep with the updates - you cant cut the story short just when things get interesting. We arent bored of hearing about it - i promise.

--i used to be a tomboy, now im a full grown lesbian--

**you must be the change you wish to see in the world**

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It's really that

It's really that entertaining? :D Wow. I guess I will have to update as needed. It won't be everyday, though, until the next time I go to my cousin's house. XD Oh man, I can't wait for that now!

Now, to think of something to say to her... /puts on serious thinking face