so the date!

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several ppl asked me how it went. it was wonderfulness! so for the first movie(the drive in is a double feature) we just snuggled up, we were in the back of a pick up. he was really warm :). so then at the intermission, between movies, we layed down next to each other, and he lenead forward and kissed me, the second movie, well neither of us saw any of the second movie, we were to busy kissing :) it was so great


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I'm so glad you had fun.

I'm so glad you had fun. That sounds great. xD That is def the way to cure boredom. xDD Now, does he like ferrets?
Did you meet your fortune teller?
Do it up, it's always stellar

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thinks ferrets are adorable

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awwwwwwwwwwww that is

awwwwwwwwwwww that is sooooooo cuuuuute! yay for ferrets and date!

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im glad you had a great time ferrets =3. hehehe XD ok what ever lol
ummmmmm "CHUBBY BUNNY!" its like i cant stop saying it lol

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You Have Made Me Very Happy!

No kidding. Is #2 already in your date book?

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That's wonderful! :) Glad

That's wonderful! :) Glad you had fun.

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AWww. That's awesome,

AWww. That's awesome, ferrets. I am uber happy for you. :D

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Way to go. :) Lucky ferrets.

Way to go. :) Lucky ferrets. Lol.