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So..... I'm going on a date with a dude. Haha his names Taylor and he's in a band. He's one of those guys that's so nerdy it's cute. He knows I'm into girls and I guess he doesn't care? It's pretty weird considering I'm not really attracted to guys and I consider myself fully gay. Hopefully he's not looking for a relationship and this can just be a fling, because I'm down with flings (not to sound whorey or anything). He's a nice dude though, not going to lie.

Last night my best friend John threw a BBQ at Tuckahoe State Park. It was so much fun. We played Volleyball for hours, listened to our iHome (to go), grilled hot dogs, shotguned Orange soda, went down the big kid slides, found Brittany AND K-fed, danced ontop of the picnic tables to Beyonce's "Single Ladies", and we took a shit load of photos. One of the pictures is of all of us sitting on a pile of tires at the playground; it looks exactly like one from a church camp. Funniest part of the whole night, four of us posed on a dock like we we're all gangster while wearing American Apparel, Guess, Urban Outfitters and shortish shorts. It was three guys and me, the fab four! All four of us are gay and we all get a long so well, I love it and them so much.

After the park, we all headed into Naptown (Annapolis) to see a movie. We decided to see The Orphan. The dude at the ticket sales place was a tool and actually carded all of us, too bad I'm only 15 so I had to buy a Harry Potter ticket and just sneak into the Orphan. It was so worth sneaking into though. The whole time Nate and I were holding hands and like freaking out, while John kept screaming, "Oh my god!", then Austin was curled up in his seat saying how much he hated Esther. Fab four at the movies = priceless. Austin kept talking about how much he hated Esther after the movie while we were at Micky D's, he was so affected by that movie. While at Micky D's I saw this kid that reminded me of Mallory sooooooo much, like she seemed so carefree just like her. Plus, she was tall and really skinny and she had this different fashion style, just like Mallory. I really wanted to talk to her but she was with her friends and I didn't want to seem like a creeper. I should've gotten her number yo.

So the other night I wrote that song I was thinking about writing here it is:

"So Much to Say"

I drove past your house today,
It reminded me of our memories,
full of games, lies, and abandoned hope,
I look up to the stormy sky,
for a place without sad lies,
but all I can think about is how your eyes looked that one night.

I have so much to say to you,
I have so much to say,
I'm beginning to take this day by day,
never seeing your face when I wake up,
shakes me up uh oh uh oh,
I try so hard to hide, my feelings for you deep inside,
but the though of forgetting you, makes me want to be with you for good
I have so much I want to say to you,
I have so much to say eyyy!

All of our flirty fights and our drunken nights,
makes me want to get things right with you,
OH youuuuuu.

it's pretty obvious who it's about. I think this should be my last song or anything about her.

I have work at 5, I get off at 9, then off to movie night with some of my friends. Hopefully work will go by fast and hopefully I won't have to work ridiculously early on Sunday. Dunkin' Donuts is finding a way to ruin my weekend plans, strictly by putting me on for Saturday nights and Sunday mornings. Then they yell at me if I come in with a hickey, come on now DD.



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that song you wrote?


eleventy seven stars.
out of


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Really? Thank you! =] I'm

Really? Thank you! =] I'm trying to figure out the guitar chords to it, I only know a few chords so the selection is pretty narrow at the moment lol. I so took some of your lyrics and put them on my facebook as my status. I loved that song.

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I just realized

I gave my journal almost exactly the same name as yours.

And now I'm really curious about what the song would sound like with music.

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I'm thinking a cool Jason

I'm thinking a cool Jason Mraz or Mal Blum like sound. If I get it figured out I'll post a video or something. Haha that's funny that we had almost the same journal name.