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i'm coming up with a soundtrack to the mini-novella i'm cooking up. it's about a woman stuck in purgatory who falls in love with a girl who killed herself.

concept borrowed from "Wristcutters: A Love Story"

So far, I have:

Toby Keith "Whiskey Girl"
Modest Mouse "Missed the Boat"
Tegan and Sara "Nineteen"
A Chorus Line "What I Did for Love"
MGMT "Time to Pretend"

I need bittersweet stuff. Vaguely depressing, but not.

any suggestions?

Also, I have an anti-climactic, the end.


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you're mini-novella sounds

you're mini-novella sounds interesting.
.. the first thing I thought of when you said bitersweet was 'bittersweet symphony' LOL jk though
mayybe 'let down' by's idk.
'black balloon' by the goo goo dolls seems really good for it.
mm those are just my suggestions :)

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ohmyygoodness. 'jesus

'jesus christ' by brand new is also amazing.

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Actually the whole album The Con might be considered bittersweet. But I'd also recommend their song "Where Does the Good Go" from the album So Jealous.

Other possibilities...
U2-With or Without You
Franz Ferdinand- Auf Achse, Walk Away
Regina Spektor- Somedays, Better, Summer in the City

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i loved wristcutters :) the

i loved wristcutters :)
the girl... zoe, was it? was adorable. i think i was in love with her.
i agree w/ merric. most of The Con would be relevant.
maybe Duncan Sheik, too? i think Better to Be Dead would work.. though i haven't heard it in months.