Stupid Girls

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I hate when a female wants to fight over another girl. Ok soo your girl left you for me. but if i didnt know she had a girl you cant blame me for that. Honestly, she left you for a fucking reason . Damn. i hate overprotective jealous females.... GET OVER IT.

That was kind of personal huh? maybe i should calm down. yea... uhm.. maybe it was the energy drink or maybe it was the fact that i havent fought any one in a really long time. sooooo yea. I hope the bitch trys me. I really do. I would love to beat her ass in front of my ex.


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little girl

you need to get out and stop being such a retard

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Please don't, trust me it's

Please don't, trust me it's not worth it. It would take too long to explain how me and these two girls are all connected (short version is that we all had separate relationships and dated each other at different times). But the other two hate each other (for various reasons including me) and have openly fought about it. It's not only completely embarrassing, but well, it's completely embarrassing. Oh, and nothing good comes of it. I'm not trying to make you do anything, but I just hope you'll learn from others' mistakes.
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