The cake incident

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Well, I've not had a particularly spectacular day or anything but one incident has pissed me off so I'm going to vent now!

Basically, the background to this is - I was with my girlfriend for 2 years, we live together and recently split up but are still living together. We are avioding each other at the moment - mainly by her never being here. Suits me though since she ended the relationship.

So, onto the cake: It was my birthday this week, my friend bought me a mini cake and iced my name, happy birthday etc onto in. It was only small so I cut it in half, ate half of it and left the rest for today. Today I went to eat the cake and it looked considerably smaller. It was still a semi circle so she had obviously cut it the other way across (not a normal cake slice) thinking I wouldnt notice a huge chunk of cake missing.

Yes this is irrational... but I'm raging. That cake was a gift, and it was mine and she is not my girlfriend so NOT entitled to MY cake.

The worst part though... she didnt close the box properly, so the rest of the cake was hard. GRRRRRRR.

Am I taking this too far? I haven't got properly mad at her since we split up but this is it! I can't even confront her though because it's such a stupid thing to get mad about!!!!!!!

On another note - my oasis account constantly says i have 1 new private message, but I dont. Anyone else have the same issue?


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I could message you if that

I could message you if that makes you feel better.

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that sucks. this is horrible advise buttt im passive agressive sooo i say do something small and annoying that is so stupid she cant confront you eaither.
buttt thats me
i hope things go better soon
and happy birthday
dont let this/her get you to upset

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Happy birthday! Sorry she

Happy birthday! Sorry she ruined your cake. T-T
Did you meet your fortune teller?
Do it up, it's always stellar