The Con

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Ugh, I'm not even with Sammie anymore and she's still making my life extremely inconvenient. She won't stop bitching about me to all of her mates (half of which are my mates too.. Or were) so I'm getting fkn bombarded with hate mail and txts and whatnot, even from old friends and schoolmates that she's managed to manipulate.
I had to get a friend to tell her to leave me the fuck alone, 'cause she won't listen to me when I tell her to. So my friend tells her to leave me alone, and she starts going on this huge fkn rant about how my friend doesn't know the hardship she's been through, finding out that I tried to kill myself just before we broke up (of course, telling her the reasoning behind this and everything, she managed to turn it all to focus on herself.), knowing full well that my friend's girlfriend (and my best friend) has tried to commit suicide more times than you could count within the past six months.
Ugh, she's such a selfish girl. Everything has to be about her, and if something doesn't go her way (like our relationship) then everyone has to fkn suffer.

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Fuck, that wasn't supposed to go in here. Sorry.

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Well despite that, you poor

Well despite that, you poor thing! if you need to talk to someone about it please pm me.