the concert

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we danced the night away like foolish children
you lost your shoes crowd surfing
but you sang and laughed like it was nothing
they'd come back eventually
they always do

the heat choked us until our heads spun
it was sickening and exhilirating
and it made us feel so alive
we stayed close by choice
as often as we were forced

without thinking, i reached for you
you became something to me
through our sarcasm
to the side of our individualistic power
we became friends

the crowd, roaring, screaming
unintentionally made an attempt
to separate us in the chaos
but you, you took my hand.
and didn't let go

i tried to breathe through my nose
and felt sick, except when you were near
then i could sense you
your familiar scent
somehow i already knew it

men ran around shirtless
shoving each other in mosh pits
i always moved until i was close
so i could protect you
from the sweaty masses

music pounded its way into us
until it became what we were
the tension in the room matched the songs
as they blasted into the bloodstream
internally connecting everyone

when the last song was played
as the cheering subsided
i lost everyone but you
and walked with you
holding your hand again

my friends dragged me away
with the memory of you
one shoe in your hand
your face burned into my mind
the sound of your name echoing

on the way home
i sat silently, reminiscing
knowing it was real from
the smell of drugs, beer, and you
on my soaking shirt

our night wasn't romantic
i didn't know your name until i left
but your face remains the same
a small ache at the sound of your name
will you remember me?