the golden herr

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the gods cast forth an odd young man, with heart and soul of gold/ to know him is paradise, his love? glory untold!/ they made a man, and formed him thus, why i do not know/ but life is sweet content am i, to know to he i go!/ i see a sweetness in his eyes, bright light comes from his grin/ his breath-taking beauty, i've no doubt will soothe any din/ my dearest rob i love thee so, more than words may tell/ for thee i would bar the gods' gates and cross the styxx river in hell/ my love, my all, i love thee so, more than words may say/ for thou art the reason my ship of a heart hath not docked in depression's bay/ dear josh, my love, my friend thou art, i hope that this be true/ and if it not be factual, how will i get o'or you?