"the less of you i see..."

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"...the better off i'll be."
i want school to start already. i need things to keep me busy. june was too much of a bad month for me. i'm hoping that july gets better but i highly doubt it. i just want time to pass by quickly and august to be here already.
i haven't been on since april. a lot has happened since then. a lot has happened since a lot of things. i'm just living each day with a calmness that i'm lying to myself with. trying to make myself feel better about everything going on even though deep inside i know that its not okay. but i need to be strong especially now.
i don't even know where to start with any of the things thats been going on. i used to be able to come on here and write like nobodys business but now...idk wth is wrong.
i think maybe i'll write again tomorrow. i'm going to turn in already. nights.