They say you are what you eat, right?

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Well, I believe "them." Today, I've had nothing but CRAP (nutrition-wise) to eat, and I'm sure feeling it! It's not helping that my dad wanted to go for pizza, but hey, at least the girl at the pizza parlor was cute...

I saw Harry Potter today! YEAH! :D I loooove the Harry Potter series. I have ever since fourth grade. Oh, and whoever it was here that said that Hermione was hot in this movie was TOTALLY right!

Also, today my friend hit me in the kidney. ;__; Well, to be fair, I did accidentally knock off his glasses... Still, OWWWW! :(

But I'm really sad... See, there's a family of foxes that live around my town. They're so precious; everyone loves to watch them. Well, except for this old bastard who tried to shoot the daddy even when he wasn't even doing anything to his property... Anyway, today on my way home, I passed some roadkill. That isn't an unusual sight around here, unfortunately. But today, it was a little baby fox. :( Aww, I felt so horrible! The poor little thing was so young. It used to play outside my grandparents' house. D:

RIP little baby fox.


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hey! Those are my cousins

hey! Those are my cousins he's shooting at. I i think.

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I could be wrong though.

I could be wrong though. What color are they?

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Orange. They're pretty much

Orange. They're pretty much your run-of-the-mill, basic orange fox.

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Oh. Sweet. Im not so sure

Oh. Sweet. Im not so sure what color I am (foxes arn't good with mirrors) but that sounds like them alright. ;D