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I finally did it. I got out and volunteered and flashed my homosexuality at 25 different houses. And I'm still alive to tell about it. I have an entirely new respect for those die hard canvassers who go from door to door every year trying to get new people to fight for whatever it is they believe in. It's a tough job. I was fortunate to do my first canvassing with my girlfriend. Without her I'm almost positive I would have just thrown down my clip board and ran to my car to drive as far away as I possibly could. Her being there reminded me of what it was I was fighting for and why it was so important. If you haven't got out yet and volunteered somewhere to fight for marriage equality you better have a damn good reason. It's not enough to have someone else fight for you. Get up off your couch and do something. If you don't have time to volunteer than donate a couple of dollars. Or give up a weekend and go out canvassing. Here in Sacramento we have Equality CA and they do phone banking every Monday and Wednesday. SO GET OUT THERE! If you aren't going to fight, who is?


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i would love to....

but wouldnt my parents find it unusaul since in not out?

if you riase the banner of scotland, you raise the banner of freedom!
~willam wallace

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Is gay marriage legal in

Is gay marriage legal in Ohio? I forget.

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No, it's not legal in Ohio,

No, it's not legal in Ohio, it is in Iowa though.

You don't have to be out to volunteer, you could just say it's something you believe in.