What do you draw / what style?

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I was wondering what you guys and gals and guy-gals and gal-guys like to draw. (that was a mouthful) Also your style. Also maybe if it's different then you're favorite subjects or styles.

I love digital art, and recently I got a deviantart account. Some of the art there is AMAZINGLY sick! I've actually got into looking at the Anthro stuff (animals drawn to look like they have more of a human structure, like hands *think cartoons w/ animals like tom & jerry or something*). It's pretty cool what some people can do.

If you like just Anthro stuff, there's also www.furaffinity.net

It's pretty cool as well. I kinda got stuck on Anthro cuz I've also had this idea for a raccoon, but after sketching for a bit, I realized it's really not that easy. I can't exactly use my computer here at my dad's house cuz it doesn't have a mouse or wacom tablet, but a trackpad :(

Soooo, share your thoughts! suggestions, references, examples, and links to some crazy shit are all welcome!

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writing count as drawing? im painting a picture using words!

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I draw in a very cartoony

I draw in a very cartoony style. :) Mostly animals with really strange colors. I wish I could draw anthro, but for some reason I just fail every time I try.

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i like to draw eyes and

i like to draw eyes and cells. i like a lot of shading! otherwise i like to doodle animals.

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I frequently write about

I frequently write about homosexual relationships. xD Like Farret said, that should count as art! I also draw quite a bit of manga (though not very well) and some macabre. I need to practice more, though.

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That's pretty cool! And again, welcome. I wish I could pick up writing again, but I always get stuck. It took me forever to finish 2 songs for mah band... oh well. Anyways, I gotta go get started on the Hot Lesbian Tea pic, lol.

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