What's Your Fetish?

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I'm very curious about what fixations you at Oasis have. So whether they're strange or normal, share your fetishes!

Mine are scars, people eating apples, and (just recently developed) red hair with freckles.

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Hmmm... I'm not really picky

Hmmm... I'm not really picky but I tend to go after brunettes. Dark hair dark eyes that sort of thing. Lol. Oh and I'm basically in love with Emma Watson. ;)
<3 FLAME ON! <3

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I love freckles. Um...I

I love freckles. Um...I don't know what else. I seem to have a thing for tall people, funny since I'm so short. That's all I can think of right now.
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I have a fixation with eyes. I have a really hard time connecting with people, unless I think that have expressive/pretty eyes...
Also I'm a big sucker for blondes...
But really I'm not really picky when it comes to looks, just as long as the sight of said person doesn't burn my eyes.

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I'm not exactly picky but.....

I'm a sucker for the like Slate/gray/slight blue eyes. And goth garb! As long as they're at least not totally depressed emo, I'm a sucker for that as well XD
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hmm i tend to go after girly

hmm i tend to go after girly girls, not like really girly but just enough. and eyes, the trippy colored ones especially :D. and slight dominance, not too much cause then its kinda annoying lol :D and i think thats all that comes to mind right now. :P

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O h one more thing. I love

O h one more thing. I love artists. I dunno what it is about them but they are awesome. Like girls with crazy styles and different colored hair. I love it. :) Lol.
<3 FLAME ON! <3

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i'm not sure but...maybe someone who's....
a tad bit shorter than me and a bit more dominant...
i like to be petted on the head....and cuddlez...<3

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interestingly enough...

I also have a people-eating-apples fetish. Like, no matter who you are, if you're eating an apple, your attractiveness triples.

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I get reallyreally turned on

I get reallyreally turned on by spying. haha idk if that's a fetish or not, but it's out there now.

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i like....

reallllly flamboyant guys. also a guy whos taller and older the me.also if his body is really thin but still fit.

two guys are talking. one is straight, one is gay. the straight one says" is there anyway i can turn you straight?" the gay one responds" of course, ill go straight as long as you turn gay!"

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White tube sox....I know its kinky but a real turn on for me...LOL

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I adore long hair. Red hair

I adore long hair. Red hair is my favorite. I also love girls in sweatpants lol and androgyny.

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this is just cause i feel spontaneous!
i've been mistaken for a guy because of my hair and the way i dress!
i prefer guys clothes to girls clothes...unless they're on a girl! lol

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The norm.

Someone shorter, with long bangs, brunettes, blondes, skinny (not to be shallow or anything), normal piercings, tattoos (but not a lot), any color eyes really, a great personality: humorous, outgoing, carefree, trustworthy, caring, you know.

I'm pretty much really picky. And I just realized I described someone really well sheitt yo.

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i've got a thing for

i've got a thing for musicians. sit down and play guitar or piano and i'm yours! and for more like...sexual stuff...i've got an obsession with necks and backs. urg...a woman's soft back is just...*shiver*

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I loved reading all of

I loved reading all of these, they are super interesting. And because I'm feeling that tired, drugged outness, I'm going to say this: Abella, I'm a red head with freckles. Okay, done. xD
Anyway. My person has to be taller than me, isn't difficult I'm pretty damn short. Not much into blondes, but I could really care less because if you can make me laugh and you're smart then I'm so there.
Also, I have lots of.. like sexual fetishes, but it doesn't feel appropriate discussing them. xD
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Reading these is

Reading these is entertaining. :3 I like hearing what other people like.

As for what the Super Duck likes... Well, really, there's a bit of a variety goin' on here. I like girly girls, specifically ones who are tall-ish and blonde. (It's not hard to be tall-ish compared to me. XD I'm 5'3") I also like girls who are more my height, with dark brown hair and maybe freckles. And I mostly like older girls, but there are sometimes exceptions.

That's just physical appearance and stuff, though. As for non-physical appearance stuff, I like someone who isn't a total box of rocks. :| Have a brain plz. Also, it is really hot when girls play video games. :3

At first I thought you meant sexual fetishes, and I... don't feel comfortable discussing that. XD

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I almost fogot...

Yeah, um, I like short beards, or any kind of facial hair as long as it's fitting on the person. But something like a neck-beard is a total turn-off. Also cuddling, I'll just lay there on a person for hours if there's nothing else that needs our attention. I'm very shy when it comes to 1on1 stuff, but I'm actually a very touchy-feely person. That is, I love hugs, I tend to give like everybody a hug like every day XD.
Living in a sculpted society has led me to become the unstable psychopath that I am today... (umm...) JOY!!!
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huh i have red hair and

huh i have red hair and freckles and i hate it. I'd never date a girl with red hair though, we might look like sisters. lol but seriously.

I love a girl that can rock sweat pants. Its a must.
Idk this is probably weird and I wouldn't necessarily classify it as a fetish but.. reading. Like seeing a cute girl reading a book just totally gives them more points and plus it says a lot about them in a way.

And i absolutely love when a girl kisses my neck. Its like my spot lol

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totally for the book thing,

totally for the book thing, that automatically makes me like them more.
Two wrongs don't make a right but three lefts do!

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uuurrrggg neck kissing = key

uuurrrggg neck kissing = key to my freaking heart XD

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older women. long

older women.
long fingers.
cool indifference.
glasses (sometimes).

so for those of you falling in love
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throw yourself in the midst of danger
and keep one eye open at night.
--"Elephants" Rachel Yamagata

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I look like Zephyr.

I look like Zephyr.

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So you're hella short, red

So you're hella short, red hair, freckles and everyone adores you? Sweet. Join the club.
I'm going to take the time so say this. A friend of mine (who I swear up and down is gay) always says she's into redheads (girls that is) and then looks at me very awkwardly even though she's never said that she's into girls, or me, or anything of that nature. I know it's not just me who notices. 'mkay just had to get that awkward turtle moment out there.
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Hmm.. I guess for guys I'm

Hmm.. I guess for guys I'm into the tall ones with muscles. But they have to be smart (I'm done with stupid guys!! haha)

And for girls.. =D
Shorter than me, skinny, but soft.. has extremely kissable lips (seriously.. they're like.. so pouty.. everytime I look at her, it's like... gahhhhh...).. and is intelligent. Also, it's a must that we can hold a good conversation =]

And.. uhm.. sexual fetishes.. well.. roleplaying is always fun. ;]

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so.. i've given this too

so.. i've given this too much thought:

green eyed, curly, auburn haired girls with irish accents and liprings.
or, my best friend the softball player who's eyes change colors hourly.
and the teeny, slightly emo/indie androgyne. boyish, but small and cuddly. with tattoos, of course.

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im ......

boyish, yet small and cuddley. OH NO MUFFIN HAS A THING FOR ME! lol jk XD

two guys are talking. one is straight, one is gay. the straight one says" is there anyway i can turn you straight?" the gay one responds" of course, ill go straight as long as you turn gay!"

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"Irish accents and

"Irish accents and liprings"... Oh god yes! lol.

My eyes used to change color. They still do sometimes, but most of the time they stay Hazel... My uncle can change his eyes to i think brown on que. All he has to do is think of something that gets him really angry, his daughter can do it too :D

Living in a sculpted society has led me to become the unstable psychopath that I am today... (umm...) JOY!!!
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I canda have a fetish on people hands i don't know why speatilly guys hands, just love the way they look...

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well i loveee necks.. anddd hipbones especially if they are tattooed.
its orgasmic..
hmm also european accents are amazing.
lol if you have never heard a girl speak your missing out its drool worthy.

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Strap Jacks

I realy like Strap Jacks. It's when a strap separates the boobs of a women. Like a purse strap or seat belt :)

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I said this in an older post

I said this in an older post before but here is my list: Midgets, kilts, guys taking showers, and Ken and GI Joe dolls.

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Cologne, 6-pack, scene/emo.

Cologne, 6-pack, scene/emo. :3
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Ancient Internet proverb says:

do not revive old forum topics, it's newbish.

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Fetish? Oh now u don't want me to get into that ;) My perfect girl could be a wide range of personalities. She'd def have to be pretty! 5 star only! Short, or my height, blonde would be cool maybe like a Girly girl but likes sports. Um smart funny, and likes to party. That'd be great!

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Well, for me, usually I'll

Well, for me, usually I'll like any boy my age, but he HAS to have almost shoulder-lengthed hair. It's a must for me. If its too long, its not soft, and if its really short, its still not soft. OxO
It also kinda turns me on to touch boy hair. I've actually never heard of someone with a hair fetish, though...
Oh yeah, and he must be around my height. Being tall for my age, lots of boys are shorter than me and I hate that...

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Snappy Dresser

I always liked the look of a guy in a nice button down shirt, and slacks.
OH! And somehow, if they can pull off the "sophisticated in glasses" look, i will freaking marry you!

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I commented on this

3 years ago. Haha.
Anyways, Ive realized in those three years that i have a neck fetish. I friggin love looking at girls' necks. Like, it's so weird. I can get lost in it. To me, it's like the maybe 3rd sexiest part of the body. :D

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I just have to comment on this...

or I'd feel left out. Anyway, I don't have any sexual fetishes because I'm a virgin and I don't really get "turned on." Right now, I'm more interested in a serious relationship. Anyway, my ideal person is around my height. Definately not too short and I hate being around taller people because it makes me feel powerless, even though I don't really want power. Still, I hate it. Also, the most important feature: great hair (especially blonde). Sure, it's shallow, but if someone has bad hair, they're really going to have to earn my respect.

They should also have the following personality: serious, but also silly at times; professional and logical, but also romantic and emotional when it's appropriate; obsessed with morbid things, but still not too awkward in a conversation (just like me); straightforward, no waisting time with hiding their thoughts unless it's offensive or personal; not too funny, it makes them seem more like a "hey, how are you" friend; not a linguist, there can only be one in this relationship; finally, not into video games or anything else that I can't stand.

Physical checklist: great hair; cute face :3; not too tan or pale, I like a natural skin tone, nothing's hotter (at least on a white guy); in shape, but not too muscular; around my height; great, natural voice, not very deep, I can't stand weirdly deep voices; beautiful eyes like mine. My eyes are different colors. Top that!

Also, swimmer. Swimming, in my opinion, is the best hobby anyone can have. I'm a fan of the Trudgen stroke, even though I use breast stroke when I swim because it's the best excersise.

No foreign accent, too. I like American and Scottish accents. The worst are Irish accents, ew. But, Scottish accents. Yeah. Anyway. No peircings, except ear or eyebrow. Those are hot. But, the biggest no goes to glasses or facial hair. Beards are awesome, but I would never be in a relationship with someone who has one.

This list is much longer than I hoped it would be. Oh well, now you know what I specifically like.


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Oh, and...

In my opinion, Polish is the most romantic language in the world. №2 is Brazilian Portuguese.


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"Top that!" takes on a new meaning once you're gay, btw. ;-)

"You can judge the whole world on the sparkle that you think it lacks" - Dawes, When My Time Comes (http://youtu.be/Z0FrcTX6hWI)

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Please excuse my colloquial ignorance.