When Did You First Realize You Were L/G/B/T/Queer?

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So yeah. When did you first realize, and because of what (like a crush, etc.)? For me it was last summer, when I realized the evidence was just piled way too high in the queer corner of things. And by that, I realized that my whole life pointed to the fact that I was a lesbian, from kissing that one girl and liking it, to those greek statues at the Metropolitan Museum of Art (the female ones). I"t hit me like a ton of bricks," is the phrase I believe I should use here.

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Yeah. I go through periods

Yeah. I go through periods of extreme gayness/self-assuredness, and other periods where I think I might be bi or straight, or something. Hormones do not help.

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No they do not....

They make things all that much harder...

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Yeah. It's like Mother

Yeah. It's like Mother Nature likes to get us all sefl-assured and happy... and then wham, hit and run, and there's Mother Nature leaning out the window yelling "Suckers!"

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Oh my lord! We are now on

Oh my lord! We are now on page 2. None of my other posts have ever made it this far. I feel so proud of myself, I just thought I'd commemorate it. :D

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wow...i somehow missed this

wow...i somehow missed this until now, but you mentioned the statues at the met...lol. when me and my grandma went there i was totally checking them out, lolol
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I KNOW!!!!!! But you haven't

I KNOW!!!!!! But you haven't answered the question. When did you first become aware of your queerness?

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Ummm... to myself or to others?

I first came out to myself at 9 n to others about 5 to 9 months ago
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When I was little, starting at maybe age 5, I'd always get yelled at by my mom and my teachers for being way too touchy with my friends... hugging, putting arms over shoulders, just any innocent touching really. I didn't realize til maybe late 2007, when I was 13, that it was only my female friends I did that sort of thing with, and I never had any sort of urge to hug or kiss boys. I tried to force myself to like a boy, even "dated" him for a couple months, but then he tried to hold my hand, and his hand was all big and clammy and ewwwww. So that ended a bit afterwards, and then... well, this is the not-so-innocent part. March-ish 2008, I was getting ready for a dance with one of my friends, and one of her friends, (who we'll call W), and who I didn't really know that well, but she was verrrrrry pretty. We didn't want to get makeup on our shirts, so, obvious solution... shirt removal. So now you've got three thirteen-year-old girls, sitting in a circle/pile on a bed, in jeans and bras. For some weird reason (hmm), I couldn't stop glancing over at W, and every time I did, my stomach went all strange and started doing cartwheels. And then we spent the whole dance we'd been getting ready for, dancing with each other. Which was very nice. And, a couple weeks later, I was talking to her over AIM, and she was being a little flirty, and I was being a little flirty, and it hit me... HOLY SHIT ON A SHINGLE I LIKE GIRLS.
(P.S. Over a year and a half later, W and I are best friends, and I'm officially, madly in love with her. She knows, and, goddammit, she's straight.)

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This guy

This guy in the marching band jokingly groped me (our marching band is messed up/awesome =P) and.... i got hard. I went home, realized what happened, thought for a while, and came up with the conclusion that i am bi!!! thats what happened. lol

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My story...

I was 17 almost 18. This was the summer/fall of 2005. This girl moved onto my street she was the same age as me and we became friends almost immediately. We hung out a lot that summer. Eventually she told me that she use to be bisexual but wasn't anymore and I honestly think it was that that really changed things for me. It opened me up to the real possibility that I could be gay. I was never ever negative about the thought of me being gay I actually welcomed it with open arms. I just wanted to have an answer because for so long I didn't know what I was. And honestly sex scared me. The idea of being asexual scares me more than the idea of being gay. Is that weird?

My whole life I was grossed out at the thought of having sex with guys. I had a "boyfriend" very young. He was my next door neighbour and one of my best friends. We would kiss but nothing more. I mean, we were like 6 or 7 or something like that. I can't really remember. As I got older I got more conscious of the fact that gf/bf have sex and that scared me because I was like "what if I was with a guy and I couldn't do it?". I always just let it go thinking that eventually sex with guys would become a more attractive thing. I think you all know how that went... :P

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when i was in kindergarten and writing love poems to a teach. and continually drawing two females together when doing family drawings. girls are so amazing *-*

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My Lesbianism

I first really realized that I am a lesbian in eighth grade. I'm in eleventh grade now, and I'm still not completely out of the closet. Oh well. ..... Randomness- YAY LGBTQ PEOPLE!!! :D