wow, ive been gone a while!

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Wow, I can't believe I've not been on here for nearly 2 years! Oasis used to be my lifeline! And it is where I tend to come back to for support, it's such a great community!

So whats been happening... well since I was last on I had a nearly 2 year long relationship. We broke up a couple of weeks ago and she's moving out from our flat soon. I was pretty gutted but it's getting better now. Think I still have a way to go before I'm over her but I'm going to work in (mainland) Europe for summer so that should give me some space and distance.

What else have I done over the past 2 years...? Well I'm still in living in Edinburgh and still doing the same course at Uni - 1 year to go now then I have to become an adult!

Things with my family are good - I'm out to both my brothers which is something I thought I'd never do! My parents finally 5 years after I came out to them seem to be pretty great with sexuality stuff, woo!

Anyway, I really need to go and eat something but hopefully I'll be about on Oasis a bit now that I have some free time!


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I thought you'd never be

I thought you'd never be back. It's so great that you're back. I know this probably doesn't make a whole lot of sense, but I use to have an account (greenmind) on here a few years ago and I read your journals. xD Its good to know that you're doing well. Congrats about the family.
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yey, nice to hear from

yey, nice to hear from another old time user!

--i used to be a tomboy, now im a full grown lesbian--

**you must be the change you wish to see in the world**

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Where in mainland Europe? :)

Where in mainland Europe? :) I know Switzerland quite well....

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not switzerland im afraid...

not switzerland im afraid... doing moravia and through bohemia (czech rep.) and travelling through saxony, bradenburg to berlin (all germany). woop!

--i used to be a tomboy, now im a full grown lesbian--

**you must be the change you wish to see in the world**