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Hokay, I've officially started working out. Ish. In any case, I'm not in the best shape, and I figure now's a good time to fix that. I mean... a lot of people think I'm in good shape, but I dunno why. I have almost no muscle.

So yeah. That was the entire purpose of my journal entry. Well, that and I'm amazed at myself for finally talking initiative. I'm wayyy too lazy for that. xD

In other fun news, I'm leaving on friday for one of the most amazing places I've ever been... I may even love it more than my own home. *Le Gasp*. I'm so excited, I miss all of the people that I see there. It's been a year!! *Goes off into a reverie about it*


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good luck on your working

good luck on your working out! I hope you stick with it :) I'm also trying to start working out ...and I also hope I stick with it lol
have fun this weekend!

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Thanks, and good luck to

Thanks, and good luck to you. ^^

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*thumbs up*

Damn, you reminded me of my working out plan, which I've epically failed to follow :P I admire your determination! =)

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you know, i figure, as much as im having to chase ferrets, i dont need to work out..lol

love is when you think about them twice for every other thought...or is that obsession? is there a differnce beetween those two things?