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from vaca! and ohmygawd it was hell!
first off my allergy thing came back in full swing a couple days before i left and so the entire trip was me with kinda puffy face and reeeaaaaally dry skin...i was flaking like fucking dandruff but fucking worse!

the upside was seeing a bunch of cute girls....

several women had asked me what was wrong with my face/what happened and i told them it was probably some kinda allergic reaction and each and everytime, "God bless your heart, poor thing" or something to that degree....everytime i wonder, would they say that if they knew i was queeer? iiiiiiiii think noooooooooooot! XD

one last thing! the last night of the grandma was all like, who are you going to marry when you grow up? to my 4 year old brother. and him being the cute little devilish flirt/ dad was all like summer! that little girl was appearently his "girlfriend" in preschool and my lil bro was all like "no! she said she didn't want to marry me!" my grandma, "then who are you going to marry?" mean while, i was listening, of course! thinking what the fuck are they doing to this boy?

my brother couldn't remember the girl who he had asked after summer said no....i queer...haha DEVIN! "devin? a boy?" says sweet ole granny...lil bro says, "no! devin's a girl!"

here's where i get to the point!

"you're going to marry a boy? it's not good to marry a boy!" <--granny

yeah...i know for sure there's no way i'm coming out to dearest granny...that'll be another thing to add to a list of lectures that's growing be the fucking'm a bad story teller...geez...