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ordered a binder yesterday.



except i ordered it from underworks, not t-kingdom. the only picture of the one from underworks is some chubby guy, which is not sexy. but yeah, after quite a bit of researching, i ordered a chest binder for mah boobies.


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Awesome. Underworks is definitely the best company, too. Did you get it black or white? Cuz the white ones get all funky and you have to wash them more often...

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the forms and functions of both kinds of binders and you'd have a whole new way of taking notes...

maybe that wouldn't be such a good thing after all.

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I'm not personally in favour of underworks, partially because the chubby guys, lol as you mentioned, is not really that pleasant to look at. And their quality is not that great either. But then again, t-kingtom is so much more expensive. It sucks that binders dont have a huge market here in North America. I just buy it from China =), it's much cheaper(if ignoring shipping) and offers a lot more variety.

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who do you buy from? so for

who do you buy from?

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