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Wow. So uh, I just found out that Mallory's in a relationship.... over facebook. She might just be saying it for dramatic effect though, a lot of my friends tend to do that. I think I'm almost completely over her. Like if she is in a relationship it'll hurt, sure, I knew this was going to happen though. Everyone lives a different life and she's living hers. Would I prefer her to be back in Maryland, of course. But that would be selfish and no one should be held back in life. She texted me at 2am....again. Fuck the three hour time difference. I actually figured it was going to be her before I even looked at my phone. She just sent me another song recommendation, again. That's how our conversations are now a days, one song we like after another. At least she remembers right?

I like the feeling of not caring anymore, at least about her. I care about certain things in life and she's not one of them anymore (romantically at least). She always shows me the coolest songs though, like I can't even lie. Hopefully she likes (liked) the songs I recommended.

Youtube arguments are funny. At least the fights over correct DJ names are. Tiesto is my hero, point blank.